The global retail industry is undergoing a massive transformation right now. Shopping behavior has changed a lot due to the coronavirus pandemic and people have begun to increasingly order products from online marketplaces as they fear going to physical stores.

Instacart is one of the top players in the grocery delivery segment and operates in the USA and Canada. Launched in 2012 in the market, it is valued at close to $18 billion now with more than 300 retail stores listed on its platform.

As part of the Instacart clone script, we provide a readymade white label solution that includes Android and iOS apps for customers, store managers, and delivery executives, a web panel,  a robust admin panel, a dispatch dashboard, a billing software, and a user-friendly website. This can be used by local grocery stores, grocery chains, supermarkets, and grocery marketplaces.

The technological tools used are Flutter, React Native, Javascript, Swift, AngularJS, Xamarin, Laravel, WordPress, and MySQL.

The key features of the Grocery Clone Script are

  • Quick delivery of products – We offer same-day delivery as well as one-hour delivery of the products directly to the users’ doorstep. This increases their satisfaction and encourages them to use the app’s service repeatedly.
  • Access to deals and offers – The shoppers can save a lot of money by getting access to exciting deals, coupons, and promotional offers.
  • Multilingual technical support – Technical support is provided in numerous languages keeping the vast user base in mind. This leads to more convenience and lesser chances of disputes.
  • Integration with multiple payment gateways – Users can execute transactions quickly as numerous payment gateways that accept the leading fiat and digital currencies are present on the platform. Currencies can also be converted by the shoppers at the best market rates. Also, bank transfers, transactions via digital wallets, debit, and credit cards are accepted for payments.
  • An exclusive dashboard – The dashboard is a hub for all kinds of data such as the number of orders executed, canceled orders, updating the list of products, ratings, and reviews given by the users for the services that they have utilized, sales, and profit reports.
  • Route optimization option for drivers – Drivers can fulfill their orders quickly by traveling through the fastest route displayed on the app. This leads to the product being delivered quickly in the hands of the customers and the users can also rate the drivers highly.
  • A dedicated help center – Complaints and grievances can be reported by the users and the issues will be resolved quickly. If it is a serious problem, users are entitled to get a full refund of their order.
  • An advanced search and filter option – All the products available for sale on the platform are divided into multiple categories and subcategories. This ensures that users can find out specific products quickly resulting in faster shopping. The order history of the shoppers can also be embedded into this feature in case of repeated purchases.
  • A QR code scanning facility – An inbuilt QR code scanner is present for the shoppers to check the nutritional information and know the expiry date of the products. This ensures a high level of transparency and better trust in the minds of the users.
  • A live chat option – Users can keep in constant touch with the delivery boys through the in-app chat facility. It can be utilized for instant messaging, voice, and video calls. Integration is also provided with the Zoom API.

How does the Instacart Clone Script function?

  • The user has to register himself/herself on the platform by submitting his personal information.
  • He/She can add the desired groceries to his personal shopping cart.
  • The concerned store will immediately receive the details of the order and start preparing for dispatch.
  • The delivery executives located near the store can decide whether to accept or reject the request.
  • They will reach the pickup location of the buyer quickly.
  • Once the package has been directly delivered to the user, they will receive the required amount for the order either through cash or online payment.
  • The users can rate the quality of the services provided.

The main benefits offered by the Grocery Clone Script are

 Saves a lot of time – Travelling to a physical store consumes a lot of valuable time for the shoppers. Orders can be placed in just a few minutes on the Instacart clone script with its easy to use interface. Products can be ordered 24×7/365, in comparison with a brick-and-mortar store that operates only for limited hours a day.

  • Flexible delivery – Since Instacart operates round the clock, deliveries can be done at any time of the day. Customers can choose their preferred time (when they will be available in their home) like fixing an hourly slot. Due to the onslaught of Covid-19, contactless delivery options are also available to ensure a higher level of safety for the users and the delivery personnel.
  • No issues in case of order cancellation – The users can cancel their order in case they have ordered the wrong product by mistake without incurring any cancellation fees or extra charges.

How does the Instacart Clone Script mint money?

  • Commission – The platform pockets a certain percentage of the order value from the listed stores. It is apt for aggregator models and a large revenue can be made quickly.
  • Advertising – Ads can be posted on the platform through content sourced from different countries in the form of banner ads, paid ads, promotional videos, and sponsored posts. It is useful in targeted communication and remarketing.
  • Delivery fees – For each doorstep delivery of orders to the users, the platform can impose a delivery charge. It can increase in case of peak working hours where a large number of orders have to be fulfilled and if the delivery executive has to cover a long distance to reach the user’s location.

The modern upgradations in the Grocery clone script due to technological changes

  • Using robots and drones for the delivery of orders – Leading players like Walmart have been implementing pilot projects to deliver products directly to the users’ homes via automated drones. Delivers AI is using robots to deliver food in Dubai this year.

It offers a futuristic shopping experience and reduces overhead costs due to less dependence on manpower. The entire last-mile delivery process is automated resulting in fewer chances of error.

  • In-store pickup facilities – The likes of Amazon and Shoppers Stop are pioneers in this new concept. It offers a lot of convenience and flexibility for the shoppers as they can order online, pay online, and go to the store just to pick up their goods without the need to wait in the queue.
  • AI and data analytics for quality checking – Many grocery delivery platforms are utilizing advanced technologies like artificial intelligence and data analytics for real-time checking of the quality of their products. It can also be used for predicting the market demand and supply trends and analyzing user behavior. The different areas that these modern technologies can be utilized are in real-time inventory management, preventing incidents like thefts, automated marketing and running promotional campaigns across different communication channels, and reducing food waste.

As seen above, there has been a sea change in the way in which the retail industry operates. With shoppers giving more priority towards comfort and safety, acquiring an Instacart clone script is the perfect solution to make it big in this thriving industry. Globally, the online grocery market is expected to grow at the annual rate of 28% by 2026 and touch a whopping $1 trillion. Hence, the conditions are highly favorable to get a feature-packed Grocery clone script now.

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