Jewelry has become more customized than ever before in the last few decades, and it’s difficult to leave home without the jewels that mirror your personal style. For many, not wearing earrings or your favorite ring can feel like you’re partially dressed! Do you struggle to complete your outfit with fashionable accessories on a cold winter’s day, when warmth and practicality are more of a priority than style? When the cold of winter hits and you use hats, gloves, earplugs, and scarves that cover your neck and face to keep you warm, you may be wondering how your jewelry can still be visible with all your layers on!

However, it’s still possible to showcase your unique style in your winter wear by thinking outside of the box. Discover the dazzling winter women’s accessories you need this season and tips on how to use them!

  1. Get Stylish Bracelets

It’s always a good idea to complete your winter outfit with stylish bracelets! Gold-plated bracelets allow you to show your style even in the cold weather. You could even wear simple tennis bracelets or bangles on top of your sleeves for a unique look that allows you to showcase your favorite arm accessories.

2. Make A Place for Winter Bags in Your Closet

Dazzling Winter Women’s Accessories You Need This

Lovely winter handbags are a great way to brighten up a gloomy day. With so many options for the season, you’re bound to discover something that will distract you from the bitter cold outdoors. There are lots of options for any personality and style preference, from traditional, timeless, and vintage handbags that can get you through the freezing weather to modern styles that will fire up your outfit. You’re already probably wearing several layers so figure out what is practical, too — you don’t want a bulky handbag competing with the ends of your coat while you’re walking to work! Opt for a simple cross-body bag for nights out or even a cute clutch.

3. Consider Your Necklace Choices

Dazzling Winter Women’s Accessories You Need This

In the summer, short chains and charms are fantastic. But with thick clothing, a long necklace could work better. You can easily combine wide-necked thick sweaters or polo necks with long chains. Despite all your layers, try to keep your long necklace front-and-center by wearing it over your sweater or long-sleeve shirt. If you’re wearing a v-neck or plunge top, a simple choker will accessorize your neck perfectly. A gold chain or tennis necklace layered over your turtleneck is a classic look that showcases a bit of the ‘80s combined with your unique look.

4. Choose Water Resistant Pieces

Avoid wearing jewelry that isn’t waterproof. Jewelry that rusts when it comes into contact with water is not only unappealing but can also be harmful to your skin. For rainy days, keep your accessories simple or ensure you are wearing high-quality jewelry that is resistant to moisture.

5. Embrace the Brooches

This multifunctional jewel can be pinned on your hat, sweater, or coat. It can be attached to a jacket’s collar or pocket. You can also wear them with a knit dress, over a turtleneck sweater, or threaded through a thin chain. Brooches are one of the most underrated accessories and are surprisingly quite versatile! There are no real rules or restrictions when it comes to brooches — you could pin a quirky but elegant brooch to your lapel or you could even use it to pin a slinky top closed. Alternatively, pin your favorite brooch on a plain white long-sleeve top for a minimalist but stylish look.

6. Consider Casual Accessories

Casual accessories can help you achieve an elegant style without putting in much effort. This is perfect for the person who prefers a more understated look. The appropriate accessories can make you feel more confident, allow your personality to shine, and convey your aesthetic. Casual accessories can also be dressed up with your complementing outfit choices for date night or kept simple for a lunch with the girls, depending on the occasion.

7. Wear Statement Stud Earrings

Studs are an excellent alternative to hanging earrings because they don’t blow around in the wind. They are simple and timeless. The best thing about stud earrings is that you can wear them comfortably in winter without them getting tangled with or caught on your scarf and clothing. Statement stud earrings will take your look that step further, from everyday chic to stylish and in control. Worn with a sleek updo, don’t underestimate the power of a great pair of eye-catching stud earrings!

You don’t need to sacrifice using jewelry in favor of scarves, hats, and gloves to keep yourself warm. There are countless striking collections of cold season accessories that will help you express your style this winter. Be sure to always consider your outfit and what’s practical — there’s nothing worse than trying to take off your scarf only to discover an awful tug on your earlobe because your dangly earring has gotten hooked onto it! Without a doubt, accessorizing in winter is different from other seasons but it just means it’s another opportunity to develop and showcase your unique style. Consider it a challenge to try new looks and jewelry pieces and a chance to grow your collection of jewelry for the winter seasons to come.

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