VPN is necessary to protect online activities. It also helps you to browse privately and provides access to blocked sites. So, you must know how to create a ZenMate account. Make sure you should sign up for your ZenMate account by yourself. Because if it is done by anyone then, this can be risky to your browsing activities.

Is it simple to add a ZenMate account?

Yes, the installation of the ZenMate Account is simple to use. Anyone can easily log in for ZenMate VPN to enjoy browsing privately. This is the safest virtual private network used by millions of people. It needs few steps to create a ZenMate Account which is given below.

Steps to sign up for the ZenMate Account

Zenmate VPN Account

Follow these simple to log in ZenMate accounts on your device.

  • Go to the ZenMate VPN official website
  • Click on the login option show on the right side
  • Then tab on sign up, if you don’t have a ZenMate account
  • Enter e-mail and password

To choose the password for the ZenMate VPN, you must fulfill such requirements.

  • Minimum 10 characters
  • Contains one lower case
  • At least one upper case
  • Contain one number between 0-9
  • One minimum special character @,#,$,%,^,*,(,),?,>,<

ZenMate account requires these features for the password to give full privacy. A strong password is unable to track or identify by any hacker or close ones also.

How do you buy a ZenMate VPN Subscription?

  1. Go to the search bar and get access to the ZenMate VPN account
  2. Then login with the ZenMate account
  3. Click the “buy now” option
  4. Choose either ZenMate Pro or ZenMate Ultimate version
  5. Enters the e-mail address
  6. After this, tap on “continue to payment”
  7. Choose the best method from “Credit card” or “PayPal”

Monthly plans of each version are costly as compared to the half-yearly, 1 or 3-year plans. So, you can also apply for the ZenMate Promo Code to get plans at an affordable price.

How do you add ZenMate VPN Chrome?

In just a few 3 steps you can easily add ZenMate VPN to Chrome.

  • Click and Open the ZenMate extension in your Chrome
  • Select the country to switch the IP address
  • Then it directly changes your IP and starts protecting your browsing information.

FAQs- About the ZenMate VPN

Why ZenMate VPN ultimate is better than ZenMate pro?

ZenMate VPN ultimate has more security features than the pro version. ZenMate virtual private network Ultimate provides OpenVPN and P2P privacy also. But the ZenMate VPN Pro version lacks these features. This company offers 30 days money-back guarantee on both versions of the ZenMate VPN. ZenMate virtual private network is a pocket-friendly privacy software.

What are the reasons to unable to log ZenMate account?

There are many reasons by which a user becomes unable to log into the ZenMate account. You can follow these tricks to get to solve the working issue of the ZenMate VPN.

  1. It happens due to the internet issue also. Slow internet speed can trouble the login problem into the ZenMate account.
  2. Every software needs time-to-time updates to work properly with double protection. Because of this, a ZenMate user can face the issue so, update this app when it is required.
  3. Sometimes VPN does not work due to the working of other software like antivirus and firewalls. Because of this, ZenMate VPN or any other software can stop working. In this case, you need to turn off the other software.
  4. You can also first uninstall and then reinstall the ZenMate VPN extension into the Chrome
  5. If this not working, then contact the ZenMate VPN supporters. Tell them you have done all these things to troubleshoot the connection of ZenMate VPN. Then they can help you to solve your problem.

How do you add the ZenMate extension to Chrome?

Choose the extension which you want. Just like if you want ZenMate VPN then, search this VPN on the search bar. After this, click on the first site which you have search. And create a ZenMate account that contains the option of “Add to Chrome” and requires some verification also. Then select the Add to extension. Now, use this way to add the extension of your choice to your device.

As we are learning here that how to create a ZenMate account? we should also know that how to delete social media accounts like how to delete LinkedIn account.

How do you choose which VPN is best?

It is simple to choose the service or privacy of which VPN company is best. It is common that if any company is running for many years and still popular. Then, it may be fulfilling the requirements of their customers. Maintaining customer satisfaction is the basic way to recognize whether it is the best company or not. And millions of people are using the ZenMate virtual private network software. It also contains features like Kill switch, no logs, 3000 servers, Hides IP unblock Netflix, and many sites also. KeepSolid VPN is the best alternative with a discount price using VPN Unlimited Coupon Code.

These are the basic requirements that a VPN user is needed. Now sign up for the ZenMate account which can fulfill all needs to provide privacy to your online activities. This app encrypts all your information while sharing files.

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