For every business, SEO is an important factor to grow your small company over the years. SEO will help to build a relationship with your customers. But does one can start with small business SEO. There are lots of things you need to focus on before one can begin their journey. SEO is not something that will impact your business just in one day it will slowly help your business to grow and in the future, you will notice those changes. You need to invest your time and money if you want to see any result of SEO. Before you begin you need some guidance about how and where you can start with Boost Your Small Business SEO. Even the smallest business needs SEO to grow. You need all the guides and need to plan accordingly so you can make a huge profit in the future. 

The big companies you see today didn’t reach where they are now in one day. They have practiced SEO for the past several years before they became what they are today. AIS Technolabs is one of those companies that focuses on SEO to grow their business.  

Here will be talking about the ultimate checklist that will help you boost your small business SEO.  

The Ultimate Checklist To Boost Your Small Business

Understanding Business 

To begin with, you first need to understand your business. Anyone can start a business but the main thing is understanding your business. Understand the need for your business. Target your audience, know your competitor, what is the demand of your product and services you are providing in the market and how you can grow? Do a brief analysis before beginning with SEO. Before you can begin with SEO you first need to understand your business better and try focusing on the ways through which you can help your business. You need to plan better for it.  

Choosing the Right Keyword 

The keyword is an important aspect of SEO and you have to be very picky while choosing a keyword for your business. Do some research before you can use a keyword. Your keyword should match your business products and services. The most relevant keyword will bring you more audience or say more traffic to your website. So, you have to be choosy with the keyword you are using and do some research before adding a keyword. You can find various keywords online related to your product and the services you are providing.  

Optimize for Mobile User 

If you are a small business you don’t want to compromise with your mobile users. Most of the web traffic comes from mobile users these days so if you are not optimizing your website for mobile then you are making a mistake. Website speed is an important part of SEO and it will not only help your user to experience better browsing but will also help to improve your SEO ranking. If your website is not optimized or is slow you will eventually lose most of your visitors because no one likes to wait for a website to take years to load. Make the mobile viewing experience better so mobile users can also enjoy visiting your website.  

Broken Link Check 

Lots of times you have seen that whenever someone is trying to open a website a message will show error 404 websites not found. This is because the website link is broken and you need to fix it urgently. No one will ever reopen your website if they see the error 404 messages. This will affect your SEO ranking for sure and if you leave your website like that soon it will be taken down which you don’t want to happen. So, if you ever face this situation you need to fix your broken website soon. 


Your content matters a lot. You need to optimize your and make unique content for your website. People will visit your website if they find your content useful and engaging. Try improving your content if you want to increase your web traffic. Content should be related to your services and product. Post-high-quality images and videos of your product and blogs. Be creative with your content that will attract more customers.  

Connect with Social Media 

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media apps help you with your SEO. You can engage more customers using your social media platforms. Keep them updated about all your products and services, share information with your customers, ask for feedback. In this way, you can connect with your audience more and know what they want to see. You can connect with them directly using social media platforms.  

Ask for Reviews 

You surely don’t want to miss what people have to say about your website. There is a different way how search engines work. You can ask for feedback and reviews from your users every time they visit your website. It would be helpful for your small business if you start taking reviews from your local customers. Slowly you can increase your area and start globally. Remember when someone is buying a product online the first thing they do is go through the reviews to know if the product is worth buying? An eCommerce SEO company will only focus on the eCommerce business.  

Build Trust 

Trust is an important part of a business and it is very important to build trust if you are running a small business. Because most people won’t trust a small company so early that you need to provide them with quality over quantity to build a better relationship. SEO also lets you build trust with all your customers. You can add a trust badge to your website or brand so people could trust your company. Trust is something that could take years to build so make sure to build a good relationship with your customers so next time they will choose you over other brands.  

It takes time to grow, no one can grow in one day. Even the most reputed company you see today took years of struggle to reach where they are right now. It doesn’t matter how small your company is, the only thing you should be focusing on is how you can grow your business in the future. SEO will improve your visibility but the rest is up to you. You need to constantly keep updating and provide your users with good products and services so they can trust your brand. Build your brand name. If you don’t know much about SEO and how it works you can also hire an SEO expert who knows everything about SEO and can help your business grow smoothly. SEO will make your website Google friendly and will make your website reach more users.  


Hermit Chawla is an MD at AIS Technolabs which is a Web design and Development Company, helping global businesses to grow by SEO Company. I would love to share thoughts on Social Media Marketing Services and Game Design Development etc.


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