This internet age mandates the digital presence of each and everything, starting from people, pets to companies.

As digital existence guarantees:

  • Better visibility
  • Appeal and charm
  • Availability
  • Reputation and image buildup
Moreover, for companies, all this plus:  
  • Faster sales,
  • Faster market capture
  • Wide customers
  • Quick conversions of prospects into customers
  • Earn the Trust of the masses, etc.

Therefore, if a company had long before setting up a website, updating it about the latest trends and website designs becomes imperative to drive its sales and revenue.

How this is done can be thought about in terms of Search engine Optimization or SEO.


search engine optimization

Search engine optimization is a short word for all those technical and nontechnical actions done to a website of a company to make it appear more attractive, gain visitors and traffic.

In this, efforts in the areas of

  • Website designing
  • Website development
  • Competition analysis
  • Reputation management
  • Content making
  • Email and social media marketing
  • Social media optimization (SMO)

They are further undertaken regarding the aspects of:

  • The appearance of product offerings,
  • Images
  • Colour themes
  • Videos
  • Audio quality
  • User interface
  • Loading of pages
  • Contents
  • Keyword appearance and URLs

These are made better and upgraded to get higher organic and unpaid traffic.

SEO efforts are also in practice to get higher search engine rankings based on what people think is relevant for users.


Below mentioned are some of the types of SEO:  

  • Technical
  • Mobile
  • On page
  • Off-page
  • Content
  • Local
  • Ecommerce

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Any company in any stage of its operations has varying needs of search engine optimization to be fulfilled, and this grows along with time.

seo technoques

Starting from the very basic of SEO services to its advanced stage for larger masses attention, organic traffic, and faster sales, these stages are mentioned hereunder: 


The role of search engines like Yahoo, Google, Bing, and opera are invincible in churning out the answers for millions of queries.

Nevertheless, not many people are aware of what role it does to enable a page to appear on the top of an answered query.

Various search engines make use of crawling and indexing to gather relevant content to match with people’s questions.

First, the overall extensive search for contents matching with the query is done for each URL,

Then indexing is done for storing and organizing this content in an index.

Also, this index is prepared for public display as part of search results.

Then start the significant function of ranking by the search engines in terms of their relevancy.

The most relevant topic of content that matches the query is placed on the top of the search results appearing in the search engines.


The importance of keywords cannot be determined easily.

As with scores of high contents keep on getting added to the cyberspace, more will be the role of keywords in getting page conversions.

In this, masses use the keywords for searching for anything on the internet are made use of strategically.

As well as a well-refined search is undertaken to find new and relevant keywords that may match with the existing set of questions and topics search for.

In this front, the most elemental aspects of being considered here are:

  • Relevancy
  • Circumstances surrounding the keywords
  • Timing of usage
  • Regions
  • Intent
  • Number of people using it as searches

And the format in which they are placed


This is the practice of making search engine optimization efforts for establishing or changing various website pages.

Primarily this is done w.r.t to two elements, namely the loading sped of each website page and the contents contained therein.

As part of technical optimization, questions like what changes in the website pages can be done to inflate the value of the website.

The aim should be to have a whole page for all important keyword information and weak pages related to just variations of a keyword should be deleted or avoided.

Weak pages are those website pages that are way too far off from the relevancy of the topic at hand and not worth being added in its pages.

In addition, w.r.t contents, the following should be ensured: 

  • Sharing of highly crisp and articulated contents to gain furthering of links and citations
  • Unique content in words and value appreciation
  • Avoiding its duplicity

The act of cloaking should also be avoided, which is showing content differently to different users.

The search engine guidelines should only show the same contents to the search engine’s crawlers as well as to the masses. Moreover, no variation should be there, in any manner.

Keyword stuffing should also be avoided as well as the making of auto-generated content.

Contents that are specifically made to manipulate search engine results and rankings are auto-generated and thus should not be used.

  1. Technical SEO

All the back and unseen actions of how the design and development is and developed form part of technical SEO.

In this, the role of developers and programmers is relevant and crucial.

To make the website readable in terms of its contents and keywords is the primary function of technical SEO effort.

As the computer language is technical and numeric, matching it with the human-understandable language becomes crucial through this process.

In this realm, these are put to immense use:

HTML: what a website shows and conveys by using internal and hyperlinks.

CSS: how a website appears to its visitors

JavaScript: how it functions, in terms of its user-interface

The main aim should be that the website is designed and developed to gain the highest search engine rankings.

And for this to be attained, the major search engine guidelines state that it must be an expert, authoritative as well as be trustworthy for people and them.


Once, all this has been effectively and systematically implemented, and then what impact it has on rendering various aspects would determine its success rate.

The results of the search engine results page (SERPs) in terms of the following are measured after the website is made available for the public display: 

  • Conversion rates
  • Time spent on page
  • Pages per visit
  • Bounce rate
  • Scroll depth
  • Traffic
  • Click-through rate (CTR)

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An extensive SEO effort done for one’s website can do magic to accentuate business visibility, brand appeal, customer satisfaction, and resultant sales.


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