Have you decided about opening your eCommerce store? If yes, then congratulations!!! You have made the right decision. Whenever it comes to choosing a platform for website development, then there are several options available from which a person can choose. While the hosted options usually considered safe, but it is limited by the constraints. Meanwhile, if you use open-source platforms, then you get the chance to have full control over your site. Magento is one of the best open-source platforms available that you can consider for website development. Here we have stated the top five reasons regarding the same. These reasons will state why Magento is considered as the best platform for eCommerce development.

Magento is exclusively built for e-commerce

If you are one of those having knowledge regarding word press and thinking about using it for the development of your online business website and you are suggested to think again. However, word press is a content management platform that provides you the E-Commerce plugin option. While on the other hand, Magento is the platform that is exclusively designed for E-Commerce. There are several amazing features available at this platform that can help you out in getting the best online eCommerce platform built. The features include high volume online selling, customers, payment inventories, and also loyalty program management. There are several brands that are using Magento for their business. Even as compared to the other platforms, Magento is having a nice share in the market.

You Can Easily Develop Your Website From Zero

If you are having no information about the platform and, starting with the community edition, then you do not need to pay any sort of amount. Yes, it is one of the ideal factors for this platform. And also the small and medium businesses can easily get benefit from it. Apart from this, it is one of the most popular editions of Magento eCommerce, with more than 5 million downloads. There are several companies using this free version of Magento. Magento is actually popular for being an open-source platform that means you can easily alter or shape the code and also install the extensions according to your requirement to create your online business. It is actually a platform that is designed for a large community of developers. Even if you are willing to get any help, then you can share it with the community, and they will provide you the solution to get rid of the trouble you are having with the site.

The community edition is, however, free to download and use, but still, you need to make some Investments with providing your own hosting.

This Platform Scales Up With The Business

If you are actually serious about taking your business online and getting the right amount of traffic and profits and it is important for you to have a platform that is actually with a dedicated server provider, you will not feel any sort of problem while adding virtually with a dedicated server provider; you will not feel any sort of problem while adding virtually unlimited number products to the site with the traffic range from 10000 to 100000 visits per month. You can easily build your medium or large business without having any change in the E-Commerce platform. Even you can Hire Magento Certified Developer for getting your eCommerce site developed.

Highly Customisable Platform

The platform is actually demonstrating its open-source quality whenever you have a website that is having full functionality but feels like it is quite not there. Magento platforms allow the user to develop their website according to their requirements, codes, and extensions customized features and functionality as well. There are several customize functionality features like frontend, backend, marketing tools, themes, integration with third-party services, and others. Even with the help of this platform, easily customize the better performing store.

Magento provides the users with a variety of paid as well as free themes along with the template that starts from a lower price that is $1. You can easily get a disadvantage and make use of it.

Magento sites are SEO friendly

In order to gain the right exposure and traffic, it is important for you to take proper consideration of Search engine optimization. Magento does not need you to install any sort of SEO-related extensions because it is actually equipped with several amazing search engine-friendly features that can help in improving the SEO of your site. Users have full control to customize the URL as well as edit page titles along with the Meta description. This platform also has the ability to produce a Google sitemap that helps the online stores to get index faster and provide you a high ranking in the search result page.

Hence, these are the major reasons that state why you should choose Magento for your website development.

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