To enhance the level of security as well as to improve the position of the ranking of a website on search engines, SSL installation plays a significant part. As per the Google algorithm update of 2015. If a website doesn’t have this certificate, then the browser will display the site with a warning such as “Unsafe” or “Not secure”. Following the Algorithm upgrade, Google gives rise to websites that have SSL as it assures the website is secure and gives the necessary security for the users.

The site that has the SSL is displaying the padlock located on the left-hand side of its URL. It also has the HTTPS protocol. It’s “s” that is in HTTPS signifies security, which guarantees that the site is secure. Google always puts its visitors’ privacy at the top of its list. The search engine is constantly updating its console to be more precise for websites with the HTTPS protocol. It further states that these sites contain “less signal weighted” than other sites.

What exactly is an SSL Certificate and why is it crucial in SEO?

SSL is a shorthand in the form of a Secure Socket Layer that secures the communications between the web server and the browser. SSL plays an important role in SEO. For SEO services cheap offers get in touch with UK firm All SEO service.  It assists in keeping the connection to the internet secure and securing private data from being exposed. It stops hackers from taking personal information such as login information, passwords, and so on. The SSL site has a padlock on the left of the URL. It is also using the HTTPS protocol. This certifies that data transfers across the systems won’t be read by any other.

Importance of SSL in SEO

We all know that doing web-based work is no longer secure and every interaction between the user and the server is performed via text. It can be compromised by hackers easily, and there is a risk that your personal data could be leaked. To prevent these risky methods it is essential to have an SSL certificate is crucial. Here are some of the points that you will be able to comprehend the significance of SSL certificates:

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  • Improve the position within the SERPs

Since the Google update, the search engine has become preferred to browse websites that are using SSL certificates. HTTP protocol. The update also enables webmaster tools to handle websites that have SSL certificates. In other words, If you and your rivals have made great progress on your site, however, your competitor uses HTTPS protocol but you don’t, Google will rank the website of your competitor but not yours.

  • Traffic will rise

If you are ranked in the search engine results this means that traffic will rise. If a lot of users are visiting your website and the number of visitors to your website will naturally increase. Which can affect your search engine rankings.

  • Reduces Bounce Rate

If a website doesn’t have SSL certificates The browser will display an “Unsafe” as well as an ” Insecure” connection, and the user will leave that website. This can have a negative impact on your site, which will raise bounce rates. Therefore, an SSL certificate installed on site will ensure that visitors stay for a longer time, thus keeping the bounce rate on the site.

What is the process behind the SSL certificate’s function?

If we are able to access any website that has an SSL certificate, then the browser and server initiate the SSL connection. The SSL connection occurs through the procedure known as ” SSL Handshake”. It is a process of connection that is instantaneously between them. It’s an invisible process. SSL connection has three keys: the private key, the public, and the session key. There are a few steps through which SSL functions in the following manner:

  1. The first browser is connected to the secure server and then requests the server to confirm to it as having the SSL or not.
  2. The server then gives an SSL certificate to verify that it’s secure or not.
  3. The browser validates the validity and authenticity of the certification. Once it has trusted the server, it will secure and transmits the key for the symmetric session.
  4. The server decrypts the session key with a private key, then it sends an acknowledgment to encrypt it to begin.

What are SSL handshakes?

Prior to accessing any secure website this process called SSL handshakes takes place. The handshake is used to encrypt communications between them to guarantee security before sending information and data. SSL relies on TCL (Transmission Control Protocol) to transfer data over the internet.

  • Following TLC, after TLC the clients began to send the handshake details by sending the SSL Version to the server.
  • The server is now able to check for the SSL Version that’s appropriate for both parties.
  • Following this, the server will send the public key to the user.
  • The client validates the key and then encrypts the session secretly by the public
  • Following the encryption, The server decrypts secret sessions to the public
  • The parties will both agree and then create key pairs that symmetrically encrypt and encode the encrypted data.

SSL Certificate for Your Website

If you wish to create an unsecured and secure website then you should install the SSL certificates for your site. There are numerous companies that offer SSL for websites. Let me give you a few steps to get SSL for your site:

  1. There are a lot of websites that provide SSL certificates that include hosting. It is the first thing to do. host your website using an IP that is designated to you.
  2. The next first step is to buy the certificate which proves that you’re a safe
  3. The next process is to activate the Certificate that you purchased.
  4. Following the activation process, the web hosting provider will also handle the installation of the certificate for your site.


An installed certificate procedure can make your site more secure and more secure. It is crucial for modern times to have an HTTPS-compliant website. This will ensure the trust of people visiting the site as well as Google. The main goal of the business is to gain the trust of visitors as well as Google the certificate will help you earn that level of trust.

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