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Welcome to the 27 Good Things “Write For Us Page”. This page is for the writing lover, who loves to write and convert their feelings to a new article. 27 Good things is a website where we express great things for the sake of Human beings, animals, technology, and the world. We want to share all good things here, so if you have any kind of good thoughts or we can say good things we are waiting to post them here

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Anyone who loves to teach good things can post here.

Our blog is open for all writing lovers and we are providing opportunities to express their feeling through guest posts with the following category –

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Tips, Rules, and Regulation for Guest post Publishing

These tips are rules that are valid for are guest bloggers so that they will get equal and the same opportunity for every guest blogger. Check out the following rules for publication.

  • The article should be well written with no errors, plagiarism-free, and well-structured posts.
  • Content should be well checked for spelling, uniqueness, and make sense for Good Things.
  • For a Dofollow link, there should be 1100 words, for 2 Dollow link articles should be 1800 words. The article between 700- 1000 words gets a no-follow link.
  • Affiliate links, Casino, gambling, porn site links will not be accepted.
  • Minimum 2 images required along with an article.
  • Avoid spam or broken links in the content.
  • When you get your live link you should share it on at least 3 social media pages and send the social medial link with us.
  • No link addition to old posts or pages.
  • No copied content will be added, we will check every content for duplication before publication.
  • No extra link will be added in Author Bio.

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