In life, there are only two types of women: rebellious girls and good girls. Even though the rebels “have more fun”, the truth is that we have discovered that the boys simply prefer us to us, the well-behaved girls. And there are thousands of examples to confirm it, like Noah in Diary of a Passion.

when he was looking for Allie practically to get her out of her square life as a well-worn teenager and live with her first love. Or when Danny Zuko, the bad boy in Vaseline, died for Sandy, the best cover girl in high school.

Something happens to us the good girls, because even though we asked ourselves “why does the worst boy in school always invite me to leave?”.

We did not understand that maybe those “bad guys” were not really so bad because they could see all the qualities of a girl who always does the right thing. That’s why everything made sense with this list of 10 things to understand why men always look for a good girl.

1. We are extremely loyal

It is within our code of values and morals. We are loyal to our family, friends, work, and above all to the person who is in our hearts.

If you are a boy to whom we have already shown our love, be sure that we will be loyal and faithful because it is something that simply is part of us.

2. Honesty is part of our personality

We are practically an open book, to everything you ask us we will answer with the truth, even if it can hurt.

Something you should know when you are with a good girl is that there is nothing worse than forcing her to do something dishonest or something that goes against her own values.

3. We will always be tender girls

We are sensitive, warm, and practically everything gives us tenderness. Maybe that’s why the evilest and rude guys seek to be with us.

Because even if we do not want to, we always tend to see the beautiful side of life and everything that fills us with joy. So it is common for us in a man to see a happy light to forget how gray and sad the world can be out there.

4. We have the gift of compassion

And although for others this is a gift, sometimes for us it is a defect, because we get into the biggest mess just because we do not have the heart to say “NO”.

5. We always support our loved ones

In us there are no feelings of envy or bad desires, we are very understanding and support every dream of anyone who cares. So without judging or asking for anything in return, we will surely be the first to support our boy’s dreams.

6. We like to listen to people

There are people who dedicate themselves to talking too much, but we will never silence them, on the contrary, we will listen carefully, because those people may only need a person to pay them a little attention. Listening to what others have to say makes us learn more about life and ourselves.

7. Every day we want to be better people

However corny this sounds, the truth is that it is very true. Every day we like to motivate ourselves to be better people and to try not to make the same mistakes as always. We will never look for the ideal man, but we do like someone who knows how to motivate us.

8. We are not easy to find

I mean, we do not always go around everywhere because we’re not really as sociable as other girls. We like much more low profile and genuine friendships. So they’ll probably be slow to find us.

9. We have very big goals

There are no small dreams but lazy dreamers; that is why we dream big and when we set a goal we fulfill it. Many times our partner often tells us how much he admires our dedication and commitment to everything we set out to do. We like to be a role model for those we love the most.

10. We will never stop being romantic

Although we have never believed fairy tales, we have to admit that for us, whether as a couple, friendship or in the family, love is one of the most important motors and for which we struggle daily to maintain.

We believe that being romantic is not being of the last century, it is a feeling that has no age or knows borders.


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