As the coronavirus is heavier day by day on us we must wonder about how to keep safe ourselves from this pandemic.  First of all, we all know that the government has also some kind of good news. Every day we think people are going online on the internet, and they are searching for how to keep themselves from this pandemic. The whole world I think, did not expect and think about that in future this kind of pandemic comes on the world, and we all suffer badly. But there is only a chance that you can do to save yourself, you have to prepare yourself mentally and physically to overcome this lethal situation.

We all very well know that there is no single good news that gives us an idea to beat this corona virus. Think about yourself, think about your family. Also, suggest to them these 27 foods that help to improve their immunity system to fight with coronavirus.


Best foods to improve the immunity system

Carrots, kale, and apricots for beta carotene do you ever know that these foods are converted Vitamin A in your body. And if you have little knowledge about the foods or vitamins then Vitamin A is totally essential to strengthen your immunity system also.

Also, you can take these foods in your quarantine like sweet potatoes, carrots, mangoes, apricots, spinach, kale, broccoli, squash, and cantaloupe. To betterment your immunity system.


For Vitamin C:- Oranges, strawberries, and broccoli:-

vitamin c increases the blood level of antibodies and it also helps to differentiate white blood cells.

Your body needs lots of vitamins which are totally essential to survive. If you do not give it properly then it also wouldn’t work as you want. And when the immunity systems are week then you have to think about your body. Actually, you should learn about your body, what it wants. When you understand the whole part you really enjoy the process and make it better.

For Vitamin D – Eggs, cheese, tofu, and mushrooms:-

if you are non-veg or will really like to eat these foods on a daily basis then you need to know how essential these are. Vitamin D always works for the produced protein that “Really kills the virus and bacteria in your body”. You just wonder that our body has lots of potentials to heal up with any disease naturally. But the only problem is that we do not apply it once, because we always want to heal up quickly. If you try then it would be late but when your body really recovers. It is a great functional part.


Cereal and seafood for zinc Beans, nuts,

Zinc food is very helpful for growing your immunity system with 2x power. But if you get the overdose of these foods on a daily basis then your stomach can be affected badly. So try to take things in a discipline which do not affect you negatively. Here are the beans, nuts you can use for your breakfast.

For More Protein Milk, Eggs, Nuts,

If you getting protein on a daily basis or it may not be fully filled according to your body then you need to understand how much your body really wants. Milk, Eggs, Nuts are the daily basis consumable items which peoples usually takes.

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