Fort Myers Beach is a wonderful vacation spot. Finding accommodation comes on top of the to-do list when planning a vacation. The options are endless including Airbnb, hotel, and condo. Booking a condo is a great idea to have enough space for the whole family. In addition, it gets even better on booking one with beach access. There are various beautiful things to discover about spending a vacation in a beach condo rental as highlighted below.

Watching The Moon Rise

Everyone is used to watching the sunrise. For people who are not fond of mornings, watching the moon rise is a beautiful experience while in a beach condo. There is even an opportunity to catch both moments. It is a truly beautiful experience sitting up at night watching the moon rise over the ocean. This moment doesn’t happen at regular intervals as the sunrise. Therefore, it gives a feeling of looking forward to something interesting. The moonrise happens in about three to four days with the moon coming over the ocean. Expect this between nightfall and the time to hit the bed.

Better With Allergies

People who deal with allergies throughout their lives keep pharma companies in the business. These usually have to deal with problems like pollen at particular periods of the year. However, spending time in a beach condo improves allergy management tremendously. This is something most people can’t think about but end up happy with the results. Salt air from the ocean breeze improves managing allergies. It also significantly improves other health issues including cystic fibrosis.

Limitless Fresh Seafood

Eating seafood is great for the body. This high protein food is low in total fat, saturated fat, and calories. However, it is high in vitamins and minerals highly beneficial to the body. The top fort Myers Beach condo rentals are in close proximity to great sources of fresh seafood. This allows easy and convenient access to the latest catch and high-quality seafood including shrimp, salmon, prawns, and lobster.

Some of the biggest fresh seafood markets include Erickson & Jensen Seafood Packer and Pinchers of Ft Myers Beach. Alternatively, those who cannot prepare meals in their condo can just visit the nearby restaurants that pride themselves in serving fresh seafood. Here, one is sure to get a quick fix of their favorite seafood.

Catching Up On Breakfast

Breakfast is an important meal for the day. However, today’s fast-paced lifestyle sometimes forces people to forego breakfast in favor a quick snack on the go. Spending time on a beach condo avails endless opportunities to catch up on breakfast without opting for the boring stuff you’re used to. A condo rental has a kitchen where to prepare home-cooked meals including breakfast.

However, there are various establishments from where to catch some fantastic breakfast. Some of the best breakfast restaurants at Ft Myers Beach according to TripAdvisor  include:

  • Heavenly Biscuit
  • Truly Scrumptious Ice Cream Cafe
  • Mom’s Restaurant
  • Flippers on the Bay

Endless things to see and do

Living on the ocean is like a chocolate box according to Forest Gump. This is because you cannot tell what you are to get. Every day looks quite different from regular living. Staying in a beach condo rental offers something to see and do every day. There is a lot to see including paddleboarders, sailboats racing, and luxury yachts with people in dreamland floating by, and swimmers. In addition, there are endless things to do for everyone including:

  • Scuba diving
  • Cycling
  • Playing golf
  • Surfing
  • Sailing
  • Paddleboarding

Gaining Perspective of Things

Life in a beach condo offers little escape from life’s troubles. This avails a chance to adjust perspective about life. By the end of the vacation, there is a likelihood of seeing things from a brighter perspective. The vastness of the ocean has the power to help put things in perspective and limits sweating on the small stuff. Spending time in nature limits cortisol production for a happier and healthier feeling.

Looking out at the vastness of the ocean with its ever-changing water allows realizing that life is living on borrowed time. This is enough inspiration to make the most of one’s life. The rise and fall of the ocean tide symbolize how the world is always changing. Visualizing this helps keeps things in perspective with a deeper appreciation of life and love for the planet.

Bottom line

Fort Myers Beach is a top destination when planning a vacation. Apart from the endless beaches, activities, and things to see, there is a host of accommodation options to suit everyone. However, booking a beach condo rental offers an exceptional experience. There are endless opportunities to catch the sunrise, moonrise, access to fresh seafood, and various things to see from your crib.

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