Natural healing instills a sense of well-being and treats the incurable disorders with minimal side effects. You must incorporate herbal supplements into your daily routine for better health. Along with this, you can always embark upon the destinations featuring top-notch traditional medicines. One such kind of tourism is cannabis tourism that allows you to procure the best quality of marijuana. However, that doesn’t mean that you need to give up on the wanderlust. You can always explore the regions and try out the local marijuana varieties at the same time.

In case you’re unsure about the popular weed destinations, here’s the list of the top 7 vape-friendly countries.

1.  Costa Rica

Friendly Countries Costa Rica

Latin America is home to bewildering beaches, mouth-watering seafood, and ecstatic culture. You get to explore the perfect blend of culture and modernity in Costa Rica. Along with the explorations, you can gather high-quality weed strains in no time. Thalassophile like to go on a surfing spree and make the most of the delightful waves in the region. You can also get your hands on the CBD vape pens for anxiety and instill salubrity in no time. Embark upon the surging spots in the region and achieve the best adrenaline rush. Further, enjoy the ecstatic euphoria in your private accommodation and head straight to the country’s natural spots. You might traverse the spots like Arenal and Monteverde for the perfect Latin vacation here.

2.  Canada

Cannabis tourism is a thing in the Canadian premises due to the legalization of marijuana back in 2018. You can enjoy the best high in the Canadian premises and explore the popular spots at the same time. From the mouth-watering cuisine to the rich and vibrant culture of the region, you get to experience it all at a single place. Also, try to spot the attractive dispensaries while roaming around the Canadian streets in search of the delicious butter tarts. In case you wish to enjoy the natural aesthetics, there are plenty of mountain ranges at your rescue. Cover up the hiking trails along the enthralling Canadian Rockies and camp by the stunning moraines. You can also bring some Canadian weed along to instill warmth and euphoria within.

3.  The Netherlands


Although cannabis isn’t legal in the country, you can always get away with a few grams of marijuana in possession. Due to the leniency of the local authorities, there are various coffee shops along the streets of Amsterdam that sell cannabis. You don’t need to search for hours altogether to fetch the best cannabis strains. All you need to do is head straight to the coffee shops to get your weed and coffee at the same time. Enjoy the canal cruises and experience the best blend of modernity and tradition in the region. Also, make sure to interact with the locals and get your hands on the best quality weed in the city.

4.  Alaska

Are you fond of the geographical marvels like the aurora Borealis and snow rivers? If yes, then this North American region is the right vacation spot. You can gaze at the stunning northern lights and camp by the cold mountain ranges in Alaska. What adds to the charm of the region is the high-quality weed available at cheap prices here. With the legalization of cannabis, you can procure the best strains in no time. Make sure to cover up the bewildering architectural marvels and enjoy the best high in the region. Some travel attractions that you must not miss out on are Hubbard Glacier and Alaska railroad. In the end, gather some top-notch marijuana varieties for your friends as well.

5.  Colorado

The government of colorado legalized weed long ago in the year of 2014. What followed after the government orders were the popularization of cannabis tours and weed-friendly hotels. You can book luxurious hotels and try out the local weed with the best comfort level. Also, you get to explore the rocky mountains and enjoy the best beers in the country. Make sure to find high-quality weed strains in the region and achieve enchanting euphoria. Along with this, you can opt for the comfortable cannabis tours that the country offers to the potheads. Once you get bored of smoking pot in your hotel, head straight to the attractive cannabis lounges in the city.

6.  Jamaica

Jamaica is a country that decriminalized the use of marijuana on the premises. You must include the top-notch destination for satisfying your weed pangs as well as cultural curiosities. With the Rastafari culture and mouth-watering cannabis delicacies, you are likely to enjoy the best weed tour here. Also, the place holds the utmost importance to the reggae music that signifies the abundance of cannabis all around. You can explore the popular spots like Port Antonio and Blue hole while experiencing the marvels. Also, try the local weed at every new spot you conquer and find out your favorite one by the end.

7.  Spain

Quality Place Spain

When it comes to fetching the best quality of marijuana, Spain ranks amongst the top destinations. You can enjoy the Spanish cuisine and embark upon the weed tour at the same time. With the mouth-watering Paella and the crispy Tortilla Española, you are likely to enjoy your time here. Once you explore the natural attractions, try to cover up the nightlife of the cities as well. Make sure to experience a night out at the cannabis clubs and fetch your favorite Spanish strains here. You are likely to experience the best time with a glass of pina colada and euphoric weed varieties here.

Bottom Line

If you’re a pothead, you realize the importance of cannabis tourism and delicacies. In case you wish to experience cannabis cultivation and fetch some fresh cannabis, make sure to explore the popular regions. All you need to do is make a list of the popular weed destinations and embark upon the journey. Some popular spots to traverse are Spain, Colorado, and The Netherlands. You get to cover up the cannabis clubs of Amsterdam and enjoy your favorite latte at the cannabis coffee shops. Also, make sure to satiate the wanderlust within by unveiling the secrets of the popular attractions in every country. You can always gather some high-quality strains for your loved ones as well.

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