Whether it’s a pen or a car, you obviously want nothing less than the best in your budget. So, why should it be any different for a power backup system? In an age where living without electricity is unthinkable, every home, big or small, needs an inverter and a battery. The inverter converts power stored in the battery to use electricity while the battery is where power is stored and what determines the amount of electricity and the duration of time it will be provided for. Finding The Best Inverter Battery For Your Home are available at a wide range of prices and sizes from many different brands. So, how do you choose the best inverter battery?

Get the Right-Sized Battery

When it comes to inverter batteries, as the size or capacity increases, so does the price. This does not mean that the most expensive battery is the best choice for your home. Here, size does not refer to the physical dimensions of the battery but rather the amount of electricity it provides. A battery that can power just 2 lights and a fan will have a much lower price tag as compared to a battery that can run machines in a factory. Buying a battery with a low capacity will not meet your needs and thus power cuts will continue to frustrate you. On the other hand, let’s say you bought the most expensive battery available thinking that you’ll never be without power again. Since this battery holds much more power than you really need, it will never be fully discharged. This could affect the battery’s charging cycles and reduce its lifespan. Thus, you need a battery with a capacity just slightly higher than your needs. The inverter salesman should be able to help you calculate the right inverter battery size for your needs. 

Invest in the Right Technology

Like everything else, the technology used for inverter batteries is constantly evolving. And like everything else, batteries with the latest technology cost a little more than batteries with older tech. Most batteries can be categorized as flat plate or tubular batteries based on the type of technology used. Tubular batteries use newer technology and hence are often considered the best inverter battery for homes. 

The main difference between these two types of batteries is their internal structure. Flat plate batteries are designed as a series of plates with the electrolyte pasted on them. Tubular batteries have a series of tubes that house the electrolyte within them. As a result, the exposure of the electrolyte is minimized and the battery becomes more efficient, charges faster, and has a longer lifespan. Tubular batteries may be priced slightly higher than flat plate batteries but they require less maintenance and will need to be replaced less frequently. However, do bear in mind that all batteries must be topped up with distilled water.

Choose A Well-Known Brand

Now that you know the type of battery you want and the capacity best suited to you, you’ll still find that you have plenty of options before you. Batteries are manufactured by a number of brands. You can even find unbranded batteries made locally. Locally made batteries are much cheaper than branded batteries. While the seller may tell you that the local battery is as good as the branded batteries, there are no guarantees. Local manufacturers have no brand name to live up to and hence they have much lower quality benchmarks as compared to branded batteries. They are more likely to use sub-standard materials and outdated technology. An unbranded battery will probably have a shorter lifespan and need repairs more often. These batteries may also need more maintenance. They are not as reliable and you may have instances where there’s a power cut and suddenly the battery drains itself out.

Thus, always, buy an inverter battery from a brand with a good market reputation. If you haven’t bought one before, ask the people around you for recommendations. Ask them about the quality of the product as well as the quality of after-sales service provided. You want a battery from a brand that will send someone to repair issues if the battery develops issues. To get more value for your money, look into the brand’s warranties and replacement policies before you buy the battery. Since batteries have a limited lifespan, most companies offer exchange deals where you can get a new battery to replace your old one at a lower price.

A Final Word

Getting the best inverter battery for your power backup system is critical to ensuring a reliable power supply for times when the main power grid has a snag. To sum up, the tips, choose a tubular battery from a good brand that meets your power requirements without exceeding it by too much. A good quality battery should last at least 10 years so take your time choosing the right battery for your home. 

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