Nicknames with the word love

  • My love
  • Amore
  • Love
  • Sweetheart
  • My love

It is a nickname that often occurs naturally when two people love each other deeply. It is logical that you call him “my love” or simply, “love”. Of course, it serves both girls and boys. The variant “amore mío” is the same as my love but in Italian. Or you can also call it simply “more”. And in the moments when you are alone, “sweetie” can go very well. Do not say it in front of your friends, please, because it will sound pretty corny, probably be ashamed of it and maybe get mad at you. Let us discuss Ideas of Affectionate and Cute Nicknames for your Boyfriend 

The most Cute nicknames for Boyfriend

  • My life
  • Heaven
  • Cielito
  • My life
  • My light
  • Light of my eyes
  • Baby
  • Sweetie
  • My dear
  • Cari
  • Heart
  • Doll
  • Daddy
  • Dad
  • My sun
  • My little friend
  • Baby
  • My treasure
  • My little treasure
  • My King
  • My Prince
  • Little bunny
  • Teddy
  • Bichito

Well, those on the list above are the most mellow nicknames. You can use them if the relationship has enough time, that is if there is a lot of confidence and you know that your boy does not bother him. If both are very cuddly, these nicknames will like both you and him.

And therefore, you must choose one that pleases your boy. If you call him “brainiac” or “my little thing” but he does not like that at all because he points out a part of his personality that he does not like, then do not repeat it again and choose another nickname. The same if you do not like to be called “Gordi”, “cuerpazo” or any other nickname.

Uses the nickname you’ve chosen in suitable places

Never, never, call him by an extremely affectionate nickname in front of his friends, brothers or co-workers. And in many cases, not even in front of his mother. These nicknames can only be used in privacy when you are both alone and sure that nobody is listening to anything. If you call it “solcitomío” or “cuchicuchi” in front of your cronies, it will hate you for the rest of your life. And do not think I exaggerate. Boys like to be “strong” in front of others, although you know better than anyone who is totally in love with you, surrendered at your feet. So be careful and do not spoil it.

Highlights what he likes most

It is best to use a nickname that indicates a quality or characteristic that you feel proud of. For example, if you like to do bodybuilding you could call him “strong guy”, or if he is a hot and sensual guy, you could call him “Mr. Sexy”. It is also worth highlighting with the nickname some intellectual or psychological characteristic, such as “peleón” or “sabihondo”.

He will also give you a nickname

If the relationship goes well and there is confidence, sure you will also have a nickname. The rules are the same: it should be a nickname that you like, that makes you feel good, and should only be used in certain areas. If at work you have to give an air of seriousness and professionalism, your boyfriend should not call you by your affectionate nickname when you go to look for work for example.

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