College is the most essential stage of life. In your first semester of college, you will most likely have financial stress so creating and sticking to a budget is key to your financial success. Here I am going to discuss what are the Pros And Cons Of Working In Your First Semester. I am hoping that these pros and cons will help you to decide whether you should work in your first semester or not. 

Pros And Cons Of Working Your First Semester

First Semester Financial Blues  

It is easy to get caught up in the excitement of starting your first year of college and forget the responsibilities that come with it. To avoid getting burned out, take some time to assess your expectations before diving into the water. For instance, many credit card companies target college students with new credit lines that may exceed their ability to repay.  It is easy for a new credit card holder to go on a spending spree, and rack up debt for unnecessary things.  In addition, many college students are either partially or fully funding their education with student loans.  Even if you are at a state-sponsored college like Pennsylvania State, the amount required for tuition and housing can add up fast.  Add to all that the fact that for many, their first semester of college is their first time away from home, and that responsibilities that have fallen to well-intentioned parents, now fall squarely on the young student’s shoulders.

In your first semester of college, you will most likely have financial stress so creating and sticking to a budget is key to your financial success. It is important to be thorough and put all of your expenses in your budget from rent, PPL electric costs, food, cable, internet, etc. After creating your budget finding ways to save to stick to your budget – comparing electric companies and rates to ensure you have the best rate, stocking up on pantry essentials to stick to cooking at home, etc

All in all, it is a hard time for many to keep expenses and debt accumulation under control. While you may be eager to jump right in and start a job to begin earning money immediately, it is best not to rush things.

Pros And Cons Of Getting A Job Your First College Semester  

One of the most common myths surrounding working at college is that you have to put in countless hours behind a computer. While there are certain jobs that require this type of work, you do not need to spend all day sitting behind a keyboard. Instead, work-at-home jobs such as typing and taking online surveys often allow you the ability to set your own hours. As a result, you can spend your free time doing something else rather than doing what is considered a traditional job. This can be a great way to earn some extra cash, but you need to realize that the only way you will get paid is if you actually complete the assignment(s) required for the job. So be wary of any online job offers that require you to complete some type of survey or questionnaires. Many of these companies actually pay with PayPal or Get Paid Now, which can make it easier to get money but does not give you any credit when you are finished.

Working at college can also mean working in many different places. For example, many colleges have dining services on campus, as well as cafeterias and locker rooms. These places can be very flexible in terms of the time that you can work. However, you may have to take care of any cleaning, maintenance, or other related tasks on a regular basis. In some cases, the employer will cover these costs, so be sure to ask about this before accepting the job offer.

College Money-Management And Savings Guide 

  A good money management course or program is a sure way to prepare you to deal with money in your lifetime. Most colleges offer such a course, with or without credit, for incoming freshmen.  This is a great place to focus your energy.  It is important to get this form of education because money management is the tool that you need to handle all your finances and become a better, more responsible consumer. When money is tight, your choices can become limited and you will find yourself in a pinch. When times are tough you can run into trouble with debt and it is hard to keep up with everything at the same time. Electric utilities from PPL, food costs, as well as books, and tuition all need to be carefully planned for, whether you are going to school in Pennsylvania, or elsewhere. Money management courses can help you make it through this rough financial patch with a minimum of pain. It will teach you what to do and not do with your money.

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Last Thoughts 

Finally, you may be wondering if working at a college is really worth it. After all, most people have to pay for a college education in one form or another. After all, if they do not have the money, many of them have to turn to family and friends to help cover the bills. If you are working at an online company, however, you will probably not have to take care of any bills until you start getting paid.

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