As of 2019, the Australian Cinema industry is worth 2.5 Billion USD. These are happening due to the presence of state-of-the-art film studios in this media and entertainment-friendly nation. Here, we have given tips to start this business if you wish to mint money in short and long-term investments. It is in the top 10 industries list in the Australian Governments revenue generator. You can Start Film Studio Business in Australia with the help of our tips.

Film Studios in Australia as Investments

A film studio for rental ads is common in print mediums and online in the film or entertainment section. It is because; many Aussies and multi-cultural peoples living in Australia invest in film studios. They buy these film studios for sale from the direct owners or the commercial real estate agents in Australia. Thus, those who buy and sell these studios do upgrade them and sell at a higher cost. Those film studios are busy such that even short filmmakers use them to get the best out of those modern studios present in Australia. Thus, film studios buy and sell now booming as a part of the investment business.

Film Studios for Rentals in Australia

Film studio rental is the most active business in the media and entertainment industry in Australia. It is advisable to check for film studios available for lease. It is advisable to sign a lease agreement, and you can give for rental until the lease term is over. It will help you can buy a studio and give them for rent. This kind of studio rental business happens by the people from the industry and others who wish to earn a rental income. Now there are independent filmmakers who are investing huge capital on film studios so that they can carry on with independent filmmaking. 

Film Studios as a Start-up Business in Australia

The people from the film industry do become the owners of film studios as they gain work experience and know-how to run a studio. Thus, they take this as a start-up business and earn a side income while working in the film field in Australia. A person who is not from the industry does do this as a start-up business. Now, you can get upgraded studios that are fully-furnished, and that also come with an additional insurance coverage for the overall facility to be provided. Today, you can find those who have done many short films own a film studio, and rent them when they are not using them.

Film Studio Upgrade or Renovation in Australia

A film studio in a conventional type is worth buying and upgrades them to a modern one. There are modern film studio equipment and accessories available in Australia. There are specialized decors to renovate an existing studio to a modern type. Thus, these allied industry people work to improve film studios to the desired levels of studio owners. Thus, you can design your film studio for a particular filmmaking purpose and all purposes. For instance, the sound stage, backlot and the entire office space must be checked and verified to a large extent. Such studio rental prices are also high as you have the latest studio in Australia. Yet, you can expect year-round studio booking from the film industry people. 

Animation Studio

Many people are venturing into the business of animated video creation. Many universities have added animation courses to their curriculum. Therefore, if you decide to open up an animation studio, it definitely will pay you off in the future. But before that, it is important to learn the necessities of opening and running a business. This article will learn some basic key points that you must implement while opening up a business.

Build both online and offline network

Networking and good communications are two very important factors that can help make a profit for your animation studio. To do so, start attending seminars, events, get in touch with people from the same field or related to the animation work.

When social media can connect people worldwide, why not use this platform in your business. You can do numerous projects by connecting people through online portals like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Apart from these factors, try to enhance your business through google ads and keep your clients satisfied and happy.

Referrals and Recommendations

These days people google or search before availing of any services, to reduce the scam or any other risk factors. People also ask their acquaintances whether they know someone or were a customer of any service provider. Thus, to get potential audiences, shootouts play a vital role. You will not believe how much business your animation studio can make through the referrals and recommendations from your friends and family.

Decide work type

You will always have a choice to take any type of project, whether big projects or short films. It will be completely your decision to choose which will be beneficial for you and your animation studio. However, in the initial stages, it is better to grasp small projects to understand the work process, techniques, requirements of clients and learn how to handle various clients and different projects.

Team building

Before taking on projects, you must have an adequate count of employees working for you to meet the deadlines. Moreover, it is better to take baby steps, start with some small projects, and gradually increase the work. Creating 3D animated videos, short films, etc., in an animation studio requires a team of proficient and skilful members. These experts have extensive knowledge of modelling, texturing, fine detailing, lighting, rigging etc. Therefore, hire a team involving creator, director, producer, designer, editor, etc.


Investing in a film studio is worth it for anyone who wishes to get a rental income, buy and sell it as an investment and make your filmmaking dream come true by doing it as a start-up business in Australia. Now, you can take film studios on rent, or go for hiring the best construction specialist for the film studios. Along with that, you can also start a business of renting your own film studio if you have one, to secure business money. 

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