Motorcyclists have their aura and look of this adrenaline junkie that rides across the city at a high speed wearing ripped jeans and leather jackets and it is exactly where leather jackets gain ample attention. This leads to companies selling this sort of product and people demanding increasingly for such leather items. Plenty of reasons to note about this supply and demand chain and all of it leads to the ultimate importance of leather. Anyways, I won’t go down into details but I will mention why I prefer a motorcycle jacket over any other style in leather apparel. Clearly, a vintage leather motorcycle jacket is way more attractive and stitched from the ground up because it shows even the oldest and minimalist details with neatness, with that being said, here I am talking about this one leather blazer I bought from this new online store I discovered. Before telling you anything I want you to know what I noticed and what I liked about this article. So, here I am explaining to you how to style your outfit with a motorcycle jacket.

The garment namely, Motorcycle Cafe Racer Vintage Leather Jacket tells most about it by its name only. Other features had a stand collar that opens into a YKK zipper closure on the front coming conventional whereas the uniqueness of this design lies on the shoulders of the jacket that has a leather patch-like design with mini studs followed by a threaded section just beneath it on the upper arm which is again followed by a relatively smaller leather patch keeping the uniformity alive. The next you would notice will be the pockets on the front, two on the chest, and two on the waist while all four with zippers in contrast to these, there are two more zip-up lines on the back of the jacket at the site of hemline but sewed vertically. 

As you look more into this article you would also admire the zip-up cuffs which are not anything new but a signature element for a motorcycle jacket. The reason this jacket falls in the vintage leather motorcycle jackets is the blackish tint keeps the vintage vibe alive however if you look closely the inner viscose lining would also charm you since it keeps the wearer at comfort and warm. The back of this vintage leather jacket is not kept plain but adorned by a threaded hemline making the fitting visible along with this the back yoke is enduringly stitched with double stitch lines like the rest of the article that too, has double stitching for better durability. Lastly, the texture and the shade of the jacket are more for me since the stitching and fashion work for a biker’s look at that exact point the color of the genuine leather plays an important role in making the garment look like it belongs to the vintage span.


We all know our choices but there are two sorts of difficulties we face when it comes to buying our chosen clothes. The first one is about the availability of the design in precise we are looking for but most of the time it is less likely to experience with leather jackets however the second type of trouble is leather being very expensive. For both of these issues, I found the Distressed Jackets an accurate solution. The vintage leather motorcycle jacket that I previously talked about, was displayed on the website of this same store, and after you’ve read all about it I am sure you’d know how expensive this type of apparel is but at this store, you would not only get it your desired leather jacket but you will also get it at a comparatively better price with ideal quality. One other thing that amazed me was the variety of jackets this shop has, a considerable multitude of designs with a range of different leather types itself. This opens plentiful options for shoppers and allows you to shop without compromising on quality to any extent. Concluding this if you ask me for my verdict, I would say this store can be the major go-to place for leather lovers since they sell it all but at a reasonable price.

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