Most people love reading and hopefully, you are also one of them. It’s very tough to take all the reading stuff with us, right? But as technology increases, day by day obligations are becoming so easeful to us.

We can easily carry all the reading stuff like- magazines, books, novels, comics, newspapers, or anything with us. Does not matter where ever you go. Simply you can easily take all the reading stuff with you.

But, but, most of the Kindle users face the Kindle won’t connect to wifi, it can not be only because of internet connectivity issues but also some other issues too.

In this article, you will get to know the best ways to overcome the Kindle won’t connect to wifi error. The steps are very easy and simple to perform.

Fixing The Kindle Won’t Connect To Wifi Issue On Our Own Is Possible?

Why not? There is nothing impossible if you want that thing to be done. Basically,  everything depends upon your thinking.

If you will think positive that you can fix this error just in a pinch then you can for sure but if you will think negative that no I can’t do this, it is very tough then for 100% guarantee you can never deal with it.

So, just be positive… You can fix this error or not it totally depends upon you.

You can Do It…

Have you decided to deal with the Kindle not connecting to wifi on your own? Great, the below mentioned fully informative article helps you a lot to cope up with this problem.

This article would be going to help you only if you will properly follow the steps mentioned in this article. If you will not follow the points properly then you will not be able to fix this error on your own.

We hope you will definitely follow the steps properly, right? So, are you ready? Or, fully confident? Great, this is exactly what you need. Just believe in yourself and do it.

kindle does not connect wifi

How To Overcome The Kindle Not Connect To The Wifi Problem?

Now, we will share some steps with you. Make sure to not skip any of the steps. Just have a look below…

  1. First, just reconnect the wifi network. To reconnect it’s very obvious you have to disconnect the network first, but after that, you have to wait for at least 30 or 40 seconds, do not reconnect the network immediately.
  2. Are you entering a correct password? Confused, right? Entering a password is a very important process to connect the router with the devices and as we all know if the password would be wrong then obviously we can’t be eligible to get access to the internet.

Before entering the password you have to look for some points that are mentioned below-

  • Caps Lock should not be turned on.
  • NumLock should not be turned on.

If one of these would be turned on then for sure you will enter the wrong password. So, just take care of both of these points.

  1. Sometimes, there is an issue with the strength of the wifi network. Weak strength may cause Kindle won’t connect to wifi


To check the network strength just open the chrome or youtube whatever you want and search something there, if the results would be quick it means the strength is good but if not if means the strength is really weak.

Wait, before making a call to the wifi servicer try to follow the below-mentioned points, maybe these can help you to deal with the low strength problem.

  • If there are any barriers across your device and the wifi router then kindly just remove them. If you do not want to remove the obstacles then kindly replace your devices. But yes, make sure wherever you will place them there should be a 5 to 6 inches gap between both the devices.
  • Also, make sure that the wifi router you are using is not connected to the other devices. If it will connect with the other devices then the lack of internet connectivity you will definitely be going to face. So, kindly just disconnect all the other devices for good strength.

But if after following these above steps you are still facing the same error then simply make a call to the wifi service provider, maybe the issue is from there side.

  1. Dear users, if you don’t know then let us clarify that like mobile phones the airplane mode option is also available in the Kindle devices too. And it is possible that the Airplane mode is turned on which causes the Kindle to wifi issues to you.

So, just once have a look at whether the Airplane mode is on or not. If it is turned on then simply just turn it off.

  1. You will not even have an idea of this but if your device would not be updated then you will definitely face this error. Updating is a very essential process and if it doesn’t take place then it causes not only internet issues but many more too.

If your Kindle is not updated then kindly update it. Make sure to update it from time to time so that you will not face any hurdles because of not updating the device.

  1. Okay, so now it’s time to restart your device. By the way restarting is also an important process to clean your device and to make it new. And also, restarting is not a very hard task that we can’t do.

Restarting is a very easy, simple, and important process. Just press the power off button till the screen does not get off. Dear users do not turn on the kindle device immediately after waiting for 5 to 6 minutes turn on your Kindle device.

And note, before restraining the device disconnect the wifi network, and if the Kindle is charging then just unplug the USB wire from your device.

Last But Not The Least

We hope you will now be free from the Kindle won’t connect to wifi issue. Have you found this article helpful? Were the steps mentioned are easy and effective to perform?

Great, this is exactly what we want. Now, you can easily get full access to your Kindle device.

We would like to thank you for giving your precious time to reading this article and we really mean and respect it.

We get very appreciative of the love and faith you give us. We will always be there to help you. Once again thank you.

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