With the multitude of mobile app development going around this very time, you may as well plunge into this trend and build your mobile app to secure high revenue. Before doing that, you must not forget about the top languages for apps to create one.

Provided that, there is an abundance of programming languages to choose from. For that, you should consider each one in detail to match your needs along with their pros and cons to watch out for. But don’t worry about that; we’ve got you covered in the quest of finding a top programming language that perfectly fits your knowledge and needs, although it’s an excruciating task to find a programming language when you are new to this field.

Then again, be seated cozily; we’ve got you covered in helping you find your soul mate programming language.

Top 5 Programming Languages for App Development in 2023

So, let’s begin by listing those top languages for apps in 2023.


Know that JavaScript is the world’s most popular programming language – especially for web app development. This is why we consider JavaScript at the top of our post, as it’s one of the top languages for apps in this era. Its proficiency not only lies in web development but is also widely used for other developments. One more reason for considering JavaScript is that various institutions teach JavaScript at the beginning of a programmer’s career since it’s easy and comprehensive to code.

Besides, JavaScript scripts its charisma in web development and mobile app development via React and React Native frameworks. JavaScript comes in very handy to create a dynamic user interface such as Gmail, Twitter, and Facebook.

Reasons To Choose JavaScript:

  • Flexible and Versatile
  • It also Supports Backend Development thru Node.js
  • Easy and Fast
  • Straight Forward Coding and Development
  • Covers Both Client-Side and Server-Side Development

Reasons Not To Choose JavaScript:

  • Defenseless in some cases
  • You may encounter some browser issues
  • Client-side is a little unpredicted

 2. Kotlin

Despite the strong upright of Java, Android introduced a modern language – Kotlin. It is a modern programming language introduced by JetBrains. Kotlin is also an open-source programming language. Meaning anyone can view and modify its code. Moreover, Kotlin runs on JVM (Java Virtual Machine), although many reflect Kotlin as the improved version of Java itself. As a result, Kotlin is one of the top languages for apps. On the bright side, its code even can be compiled into JavaScript and can efficiently run on any browser. These days, several companies use Kotlin to develop Android apps with a refined touch of Java. Above all, Kotlin app development is relatively trouble-free and effortless than Java.

Reasons To Choose Kotlin:

  • More efficient and concise than Java Programming language
  • Simple and clearer coding
  • Ensure full support to Google and IDE’s installation packages
  • Compact and easy coding

Reasons Not To Choose Kotlin:

  • Gets slow sometimes
  • Limited community, as it is recently introduced
  • Concise syntax but comes with an extreme learning curve


This is a cross-platform programming language that is widely used to build high-performance apps. Mostly, C++ is considered to be a powerful general-purpose, object-oriented programming language that has generic and low-level memory manipulation features. Additionally, it helps create Android and Native apps. Even more exciting about C++ is that it helps build GUI-based apps and real-time mathematical simulations. Thus, C++ can indeed raise the bar of top language for apps when building cloud computing apps, as it can quickly shape up and adapt to varying hardware and ecosystems.

Reasons To Choose C++:

  • A massive pool of ready-to-use in-built libraries and compilers
  • Fast and highly stable
  • Ensures a smooth-running environment
  • Take complete control and run it on any hardware trouble-free

Reasons Not To Choose C++:

  • Multipart syntax
  • To master C++ is a very long path to choose
  • Incapable to dynamic memory allocation

4. Python

Python is one of the top programming languages out there, which is mounting speedily worldwide. It’s quite impossible, though, in today’s time to talk about leading language for apps, and Python’s not included in the list. But, then again, it’s quite impossible.

However, Python offers comprehensive and straightforward coding along with high flexibility in diverse tasks. Usually, many developers consider Python their favorite programming language, for which it’s intuitive and has an almost English-like coding structure to eliminate the pain points of myriad developers. On the other hand, Python proves to be highly effective in diverse lands, for instance, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, and even in designing. When it comes to the backend, Python actually plays an important role. That said, it’s being used by many industries primarily for its high proficiency in Artificial Intelligence for making smart, automated, and high-functioning apps.

Reasons To Choose Python:

  • Fast and easy to use
  • Majorly used for data analyzing and automating stuff
  • Ensure scalable apps
  • Supports many platforms and systems

Reasons Not to Choose Python:

 5. Swift

When you want to develop iOS apps for Apple, you have to choose Swift for that, as it’s the only programming language for iOS apps. As well, it’s easy to learn and has an optimized performance, which can come in very handy for you to do some optimized coding. Swift shelters iPhone and mac app development and all the apple existing products, including Apple, watches. Unlike other programming languages out there, Swift pays are high – just in case you want to choose a high-paid programming language to start with.

Reasons To Choose Swift:

  • Easy to use, spontaneous, and a powerful programming language
  • Ensure high scalability
  • Concise and expressive syntax
  • Require less maintenance

Reasons Not To Choose Swift:

  • Still at an emerging phase
  • Limited developers pool
  • Single Platform support

That’s it

The constant evolution in the world of app development is intact. And the top programming languages we have offered in this blog are the immortal ones. For a long time now, they’ve been rooted foremost in the world of app development. Therefore, make up your mind and pick a programming language from this blog that perfectly fits your needs and comforts.

Hopefully, this blog has presented some help in figuring out a top programming language, although keep in mind, don’t fall into the up-to-the-minute challenge and shift from one programming language to another overnight. With that being said, the arena of app development is transforming quickly, but more or less, these top programming has been the same for a long time now. So by mastering any one of the top programming mentioned above languages, you’ll have looming success, for sure.

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