Banner advertising has the capability to appeal to a given target audience with the one and only purpose of usage of strategies such as generating sales and brand awareness. Basically, they are small illustrations of what you and your business offer to its users, with the ability to click the banner ad in order to learn more. Previously, static images which means single images were used that had texts and pictures, and they worked very perfectly conveying the message. But, to make your banner advertisements reach the next level, you can always use HTML5 Banners. Let’s discuss below: Which is the Best Banner – HTML5 Banners or Other Banners?

HTML5 ads are web banner ads that make use of HTML5 files, which are developed in the Google Web Designer. The objective of this style of advertising is to offer a more interactive and attention-grabbing ad to persuade your viewers. HTML5 Banner ads consist of different types of files like; video files, image files, and an HTML supply file. Here, you can see the Top HTML development companies here.

Google web designer UI

Which is the Best Banner – HTML5 Banners or Other Banners?

It is an innovative application that allows its users to build and design other web and HTML5 ads via code user and an integrated visual interface. Here, learn more about some of its main features:

Developing a code: with the assistance of code view in Google Web Designer, it can accept JavaScript, XML files, and CSS. It is also easier to code as it has other functions like automatic code completion and syntax highlighting.

Advanced Workflow: once you have created content, it helps in creating a responsive layout that can be worn on various screen sizes. It also provides its users with an option of Dynamic ads. You can also add other workflows like:

Events: these are triggered reactions; that take place due to a definite user action or timeline framework or perhaps some other occurrence.

Responsive: it makes use of a flexible layout for your ads.  So, you can change the size and orientation of the elements of your ad as per requirement, rather than having to create a new ad every now and then.

CSS: it presents predefined style rules for a number of elements. One can add inline style, make alterations in the colors and style for the element classes and also create your own new style rules with the help of the style tab.

Dynamic: it is quite a powerful tool that helps one personalize their ad content by making a switch in the core components of the ad like; text, images, URL, and more.

Adding media and interactive elements: mostly, HTML5 banner ads comprise some kind of interactive media. And so, there are a variety of elements that it offers that can make your ad more attractive, some of them are maps, timers, video clips, and image galleries.

HTML5 Banners VS Other Banners

The main types of banner ads are:

HTML Ads: it is the most advanced type of banner ad. Essentially, the HTML5 banner is like a miniature of a website and so it is quite capable of doing what a website can.

Static Banners: it is like a representation of images that do not move and are of a particular size; with a very prominent business message that is displayed all across with a CTA (call to action).

Flash Banners:  These are animated ads that are created using flash technology; they can also include videos and images, although these are dying out in today’s day.

Animated GIFs: they are a set of images that are in a .gif format, which can continuously replace each other within the area of the ad and so, creating a movement.

So the question is which is better? When considering what to use between HTML5 Banners, GIF Banners, Flash Banners, or Static Banners for your next advertising campaign. The best recommendation is HTML5. It is an open format that is accepted by all modern browsers and also it needs no external tools for playing ads. HTML5 banners can incorporate all kinds of rich media and interactive elements. They work well no matter the screen resolution is or the platform is and is not heavy on computing power.

Another question that may come to mind is; why hire an HTML5 developer? In today’s world where almost each and everything is going digital, there comes a possibility for businesses which they can use to gain customers which will ultimately help in boosting their sales, this can be possible only via a website; because if a business has its own website then customers can interact with the business very properly and get to know more and more details about the business. Get more info for Hiring the best HTML5 developer in India, would be a great choice taking into consideration the fact that the advertising industry is only moving towards growth each and every day. Learn more reason as to why as should hire HTML5 developer:

  • Creation of a website for the growth of business online.
  • Generating a website that is also responsive.
  • One can bring a boost in their sales with a properly developed website.
  • Experience in this field matters.
  • Creation of elegant trendy information systems.
  • Experienced developers are quite committed to their work.
  • It is always a better choice to hire a professional for work to be done properly.

Using HTML5 sure does have its own benefits. Learn more about some of them:

  • It creates a chance to be creative
  • It can create a more memorable and lasting experience for the viewers.
  • HTML5 can ensure that the size fits the entire different types of devices.
  • You can reach your audience in various different ways.
  •  They help improve the click-through rates.
  • It has a dynamic creative system.

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