Owning your own business is becoming comparatively easier by the day, but growing the same is a whole different story. Factor in the competitive market, along with constantly evolving customer preferences and behavior, and you’ve quite the conundrum on your shoulders.

Besides, startups are not ordinary companies. They have to be innovative and edgy, and at the same time, profitable enough to sustain in the market by impressing the customers. When taking into account all these factors, Search Engine Optimization stands out as one of the key aspects of creating a successful startup in this digital era.

After all, your startup needs a strong digital presence, and SEO is your way of ensuring that. Here’s presenting you with the top ten reasons why your startup needs the help of SEO to stand out.

1.  Higher Ranks for Better Conversion Rates

Starting a venture is challenging in any niche, but you need to convince the customers to give you a chance to keep it afloat. And, this is where the importance of conversion rates come into the picture.

Truth to be told, conversion rate optimization is not even possible without SEO. You need the right SEO techniques for higher ranks, reaching qualified leads, boosting web traffic, and, thus, bring more interested customers your way.

2.  Increasing the Credibility and Authority of Your Brand

It is important to remember that the customers decide what the search engines trust, like, and reward. SEO will help you get to the top of the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) and stay there, only when you offer the search engines (read: your customers) ample reasons to ensure that.

By focusing on search engine optimization, you are also increasing the authority and credibility of your brand. The success of your SEO techniques is fully measurable through multiple advanced tools available in the market.

Of course, there is Google Analytics, but other paid and free software are also present to help you understand if you’re doing it right. There is no doubt about the results because landing on the top spot in the SERPs will get you noticed.

Credibility and Authority of Your Brand

3.  Long-Term Brand Positioning In the Market

As voice searches increase and responsive websites become the norm, Google is also changing its properties for ranking the sites.

Your SEO strategy involves taking into account all such behavioral changes to adapt your content, understand what is a pillar page and use it, tweak your off-site and on-site approaches to secure your place in the SERPs.  Staying ahead in your SEO game is also about brand positioning in the long term.

4.  Understanding the Behavior of Your Target Audience

One of the best things about SEO is that it helps uncover a considerable amount of data about consumer behavior. The more data you get, the better you will be at giving your audience what they want and modifying your other marketing channels.

Be it your email marketing strategies or social media outreach: everything can be tweaked to perfection once you understand your target audience’s behavior patterns.

5.  Delivering Better User Experience Consistently

The user experience (UX) delivered by a website is one of the major deciding factors in its search engine rankings. Pages loading in 5 seconds have a 38% bounce rate. However, those loading in 2 seconds have a 9% bounce rate.

The bounce rate can also increase when you don’t have a responsive website. As the bounce rate rises, your ranking in the search engine falters. SEO keeps you on your toes in delivering a great UX that your customers love.

Better User Experience Consistently

6.  Making Your Presence Felt In the Local Market

When the local market is your main point of interest, SEO is not something you can ignore. After all, 78% of local mobile searches translate into offline purchases eventually.

Local SEO lets you promote your products or services to the local prospects. Search engines depend on social media profiles, citations, and links to offer the user relevant results. Featuring on ‘near me’ searches is easier but highly effective in the long run.

7.  Strengthening the Trust of Your Customers in You

It is natural for a customer to trust a business that shows up high on the SERPs. Once that confidence and trust are earned, a startup can work further towards building credibility and respect.

This is not just needed for a new brand that is depending on digital channels for conversions but also for the same brand to prosper and grow in the future.

8.  An Inexpensive Way to Provide The Much-Needed Exposure

One of the main agendas for a startup is to get noticed by its target audience, and SEO is a great way of making that happen. When your website features at the top of their search results, they will be interested in checking out what you have to offer.

In this way, more people will gradually start recognizing your brand. A strong online presence is what you need to create the buzz around your business. SEO needs fewer resources than any other marketing channel that you rely on. It is more efficient and inexpensive than a social media campaign or a pay-per-click initiative.

Advanced SEO techniques might merit some professional advice. But you can optimize most of it on your own with affordable online tools without breaking the bank.

Much-Needed Exposure

9.  Key to Enhanced ROI

Being a startup, you should always try to reach a high return on investment indicators. It is only possible when you do SEO of your site as it gets you lots of organic traffic. As these traffics are free, they will help your site to expand, both within the country and abroad. This, in turn, will enhance the profitability of your new venture.

10.Helps in Social Media Marketing

Increasing visibility in social media is imperative for new companies and nothing can help you better than SEO. SMM and SEO have a bi-directional bond. When a potential client visits your site, he or she might want to check your account on social media too. Thus, your personal social media account is the best to share content in the beginning. In search engines, it will increase your ranking.

The Bottom Line

A good SEO campaign helps build your digital presence, gain your target customers’ attention, and give your business the digital spotlight that it deserves. You can be as unique as you want with your product or service, but reaching out to the people is difficult without investing in SEO.

Start formulating the right strategies today to get your startup successfully on the digital map.

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