You might be a newbie in petting a canine or a seasoned one who loves to go out for a jog or stroll with the furry soul – safety and security should be your topmost priority. All dog-owners love to take their canine buddies out for a short stroll in the nearby park or an early morning jog. While many having pups are finding difficulty in controlling the adorable pooches. A harness fits perfectly with their requirement. But then, it should also cater to their needs fully. According to many dog experts, a dog-owner should always be able to appreciate the reasons behind the right harness.

The concept of using a harness helps a pet owner to have adequate control over his pet buddy. But that is not all—the main concern for most dog owners and dog experts in the comfort level of the four-legged soul. There are certain aspects which are worth considering while choosing the best harness for your furry buddy.

Please read below the five tips that will help you choose the best harness for your dog and cater to his well-being.

●     Snaps just perfect

There are two primary types of dog harness found in the market – front-clip and back-clip ones. So, while purchasing one for your pet buddy, you should narrow down your choices, and decide and where you prefer connecting his lease to the harness. A harness with a back-clip is easy-going, comfortable, and protects his neck well. But they offer limited protection over his way of walking or running while the front-clip ones have control over his behavior but fail to tame the aggressive canines.

Moreover, it entangles under his front legs, which might result in various unfortunate situations while walking or running. Also, this type of harness, with which you can attach the leash at the center of your pooch’s back, encourages a lot of pulling, resulting in a lot of strain on your hands. However, these harnesses are perfect for training purposes. Though most pet-owners prefer both types of tackle, as these are perfect for the training of your pet buddy, you should consult your vet to get better know-how on the same.

●     Adjustable and comfortable

Our loyal companions always have the flavor of running and scampering on the road or ground. And as a pet-owner, you should try keeping him at ease. So, buy a harness that you can adjust according to the requirement. Many dog harnesses are having the provision of changing their length from various sides. Your doggie will be extra-comfortable with an adjustable harness, as it will provide him with adequate physical movement and muscle flexibility. Initially, you might have to hold a lot of patience in you to make your adorable pooch adjust to the harness. But then, the ones made of soft and skin-friendly material stand very comfortable for them. The padded portions, especially in the chest and belly region, support them thoroughly while walking or running

●     Body-friendly material

It is not that humans suffer from skin irritations! Our canine companions are also prone to the same. To avoid all these health issues, you should buy a harness for your pet buddy made of nylon, leather, or any soft material. While choosing a dog harness, you have to keep certain significant aspects in mind, like your pet buddy’s size, skin quality, and the amount of hair they have. The most harness looks very attractive, but you have to ensure its usefulness also. Buy one that will be soft on his skin, and too easy on maintenance.

●     Fits according to the pet’s size

Buy a harness that fits perfectly with your pet buddy’s body. Measure your buddy meticulously before purchasing one. Most pet retail outlets have the provision of catering to sizing charts. While there, you can always consult the same. If required, you can also ask the shop experts to allow you to get your pet pooch. Many shops also cater to this facility. The experts present in the shop will make your pet buddy wear the harness to gauge their level of being at ease.

5 Tips to Choose the Best Harness for Your Dog

●     Harness with reflectors

Safety for your royal canine is a must, along with yours. If you plan to go out for a run with your four-legged pet buddy, make him wear the harness with reflective piping. These harnesses glow in the dark and will alert the passer-by of both of your presence. In a nutshell, a harness with a reflector caters to full visibility during night-time. If you believe in DIYs for your pet pooch, you can always buy a couple of reflecting tape-rolls and stick on the seams of the harness!

Paw-positive thinking!!

Petting a four-legged furry buddy is not enough. As a dog-owner, you should be extra cautious when it comes to his activities, health, along with choosing a harness for your pet pooch. You should be aware of him being comfortable in the same. While on the harness, his joints should be free from any obstruction owing to the same. And, it should never act as a barrier when he grows big! So choose one as per the five tips discussed above. Give your pet pooch all the comfort and love.

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