Normally wifi networks have ugly names like “jazztel_x4532342”, but by accessing the configuration of your router you can change it and put something more fun and original. People put names to wifi networks for different purposes: scare away wifi thieves, make claims, complaining about a neighbor, doing business, laughing for a while.  Add the name of your wifi network in the comments (at the end of the writing), we will create a list of the best ones.

The name of a Wi-Fi network is called the SSID, it is a name that serves to identify the network, but beware because it is not unique, there can be two networks with the same name. The code consists of a maximum of 32 characters that most of the time are alphanumeric, so you have 32 letters to create the most ingenious phrase you can. What name would you give him?

If you do not know how to change the name to your network we will explain it to you in an article. You can use many types of names like harry potter wifi names, router names, movie wifi names, etc.

Amazing Wifi Names

Most wifi names are set to scare away neighbors who want to steal wifi keys, some of the most curious names for this, which we have seen so far are:

  • Someday this wifi will be yours.

  • You will not steal the neighbor’s connection.

  • I do have internet.

  • Nothing is free in life.

  • Error 404 wifi not found.

  • No free wifi around here.

  • It’s not that expensive, rat.

  • This Wi-Fi has a virus.

Other neighbors are not so sharp and try to do business with it, agreeing to give wifi always in exchange for something:

  • Send wifi to 2020

  • Change food x wifi

  • 4A girl if I give you wifi

  • Download the music and I’ll give you the key

  • Wi-Fi change by sex

In neighborhoods there are always quarrels between them, well, many people take advantage of the name of the wifi to complain about the behavior of their neighbors, not always in a very subtle way:

  • The 6D snores all night

  • Clean up what messes up your dog

  • The 11’s scream a lot

  • 5C fights with his wife

Make the name of your wifi go further

Our suggestions have inspired you, you have just invented a name for your Wi-Fi network that is the pear, now what you want is to get as far as possible, that your Wi-Fi name is spread to all your neighbors, in compare wifi we are experts in ways to extend and extend the wifi signal. You can read some of our related articles:

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  • Comparison between a homemade wifi amplifier and a commercial one.
  • Wi-Fi network extensions that transmit the signal through the electric cable, the most advanced solution of all.
  • Special router to share the Internet with neighbors and get further.
  • The most powerful router on the market is Asus and it is worth less than you think.

How to put more than 32 characters to the name of your wifi

If 32 characters seem very little to you, there is a solution to be able to put longer sentences, besides the neighbors will be able to send anonymous messages to your wifi without having to know the password. This is achieved through the free wifi sharing app for Android.

Imagine that a neighbor scans your wifi, then you can put in it: “I give math review classes for € 20 an hour, for the tardies”, “I am 32 years old and I studied physics”. Your neighbor after seeing this ad on your wifi sends you a message, which you receive anonymously in your email, in it he says: “I am interested in math classes, please, contact me”. That is, you could use your wifi to make contacts, earn money, promote your business name.

How to associate your Facebook profile with your wifi signal to get more followers

We are already with the last option even more interesting. Make that when someone scans your Wi-Fi network you can see your Facebook profile, and if you click on Connect, you have to follow it, this is perfect if you offer a service, you have a trade like a restaurant, you do refresher classes or you want to get clients from Some kind.

This is achieved with a social wifi router, for only about € 70 with this plug & play router you will have your Facebook profile accessible to everyone that scans your wifi, you can also use it to get followers on twitter or advertise.

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