For an artist, the biggest challenge is to reach out to the target market. However, 2020 has made every other artist look for specific opportunities to sell their artwork and seek exposure simultaneously. A painting usually requires physical upbringing and monitoring. But, in current times, organizing and attending art exhibitions are not possible. That is because all countries’ governments have laid down social distancing regulations, which does not allow any event to occur. So, how do artists reach out, market, and promote their work?

Online marketplaces and several other mediums have become popular amid this pandemic. The only way to publicize your work is to accommodate through online platforms. So, if you are not well-versed with digital platforms or social media algorithms, it is time for you to learn about it. Moreover, the current situation has affected people financially, making artists cut down on marketing budgets and paid promotions.

With more creative approaches available, you can make your way and wand through the marketing procedures and processes without investing a single penny. Stated is a rundown of five cheap methods to promote and market your art online without spending. Even though some ways can be consuming, they reap the most when exhibiting artwork.

1.  Start your blog.

Some of you might be running a website with insights like pricing, descriptions, and contact pieces of information. However, these are of no use until you start a blog. Blogging is a packaged platform where you’ll not just interact with fellow artists but will also allow you to build your artwork’s reputation. People like to view artistic pictures and read the story behind them. You can follow into the footsteps of a similar strategy but make sure you do not exhibit anything against your brand. You can pocket-pick essential topics related to art and artists—readers who are enthralled about art love reading art-centric blogs.

2.  Join social media platforms.

Join Social media platform

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Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are growing at an unprecedented pace. More people have uploaded their work on these platforms to market and promote their brands in recent years. Remember, developing a brand requires sheer hard work and efforts. A reputed brand is invaluable and caters to the community’s credibility, which, in turn, delivers to your peers, business associates, and potential customers. Furthermore, social media platforms are fundamental to communicating with the community and introducing artwork and art-centric ideas. Since being an artist is a solitary occupation, social media can help you significantly on your quest to promote your brand endlessly. It not only makes art marketing convenient but opens a whole new segment of potentiality for your brand in the market.

3.  Shoot and create your videos.

create your art videos

YouTube is the second-most ranked platform on search engines after Google. It simply implies that videos play a considerable role in putting the content forward. No matter what the content is, if you have an established plan of action and direction to execute, a video can play a vital role in marketing your art brand.

Typically, videos give your blog and social media accounts for a breath of fresh air. After your video is live on YouTube, embed it to your blog or website, and share it across all social media platforms. But, before shooting a video, understand what your target audience needs and how it will answer their questions. There are a lot of video marketing tools that can help you a lot in art marketing.

4.  Write guest posts on other people’s blogs.

Guest posts are not just essential for bloggers but also allows you to interact with several people. It sort of process enables your brand to reach a vast audience. You can start by looking at other artists’ blogs and inquire if they welcome guest posts on their website or blog. Pick art-related topics along with an awe-inspiring story, which would make the reader come to your blog. Doing so will attract a lot of traffic to your blog and eventually result in sales and promotion.

5.  Leave comments on other blogs.

Leave comments on your blog
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Comments are threads that can lead to building a network. Earlier, you might have come in terms with leaving comments and how it results in other people acknowledging them. Such a process creates a network of fellow bloggers amid your art niche. Follow blogs that you like to read, leave an impression through your comment, and let others pick the debate and click a conversation with you. It helps capture the much-needed attention of bloggers and like-minded artists and pool them towards your blog.

Final Thoughts

Amid this pandemic wake, generating revenues has become more like a challenge for artists. Since artists regularly participate in exhibitions, events, and get-togethers to promote their brand and sell the artwork, every country’s respective governments have disallowed social and mass gatherings. It has contributed negatively to the art sector as a buyer needs to witness a particular artwork’s minor details before signing the cheque. However, online marketing and promotion have made it easier for artists to acclimatize into the new normal.

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