Do you remember the olden days? Lots of people and brands seek the opportunity to gain audience attention. And now, social media is blowing up with enormous ideas to make yourself popular. In recent days, TikTok has taken up the charge of making you famous with creative content ideas. The visual platform took the audience’s mind by storm. Yes! People show more interest in watching videos than the images.

TikTok never fades because it proved by gathering more than 2 billion downloads and became at its peak in the last two years. Within four years, TikTok has beaten other competitions and shines as the sixth-largest social media network. One of the reasons for brands and businesses eager to join TikTok is the engagement rate. There are 69% of young users between 16 to 24 years of age streaming actively on TikTok.

The article below explains to you the seven interesting ideas to hook the audience’s attention with your creative videos on TikTok.

Let’s get started by driving into the new ways to get a smashing hit for your brand!

#1. Go With Current Trends

Generally, TikTok is famous for current trends. If you want to boost the performance of your TikTok account, the trends help you to gain the attention of thousands of new users. Since millions of new videos stream on the For You page daily, find the trending one inside the TikTok app itself. Just tap the search button, then TikTok lands you on the trending videos. Or, keep your work regular by scrolling down the For You page to find the trending music or soundtrack.

On the search tab, the trending videos will always display in the form of hashtags given by the promoted users. But on the FYP, when a similar video or music repeats, save it to your favorites immediately to implement in your content for increasing audience interaction. Videos based on trends boost the potential audiences towards your account and stick to your presence in people’s minds.

#2. Build A Fascinating Hashtag Challenge

Compared with other social media platforms, hashtags remain at the top on TikTok for sorting and finding the required content. And the hashtag challenges are especially famous on the TikTok platform, bringing popularity to your brand. Go viral by creating engaging, challenging videos. There are two ways to gain popularity on TikTok, one is participating in available challenges, and the other is to create your own challenge.

The For You page explores you with trending challenges and selects the best one to bring popularity to your account. Else, prepare a simple, easy-to-do video and encourage your loyal audiences to participate in it using your branded hashtag. When the participants on your challenge go high, the brand’s popularity spreads by speeding up the TikTok followers count towards your account. A few things to be remembered while creating your challenges are:

  • Make your challenging video a simple and easy one to increase audience participation.
  • People on TikTok love entertaining videos. So make a challenge that celebrates the success of your product.
  • Act according to your goal to achieve success with the rise in brand awareness.

#3. Respond to Audiences With Reply Videos

The most surprising action to capture your audience’s attention is replying to your audience’s comments through a video. Don’t be a person who just reacts to the comments with simple text. Show your uniqueness in each action and improve your performance than expected. These types of comments videos generate higher engagement with your followers and build a good relationship with them.

When more users respond to your videos, the TikTok algorithm improves your ranking and keeps your videos shown to different users. You may not be famous on TikTok, but audience engagement is essential to grow among the competitions on TikTok. Get involved in the audience’s action by delivering something new. The chain of replies to audiences’ questions is the best way to get yourself known very quickly.

#4. Influencer Partnership

Get the benefit of creativity and a unique style for your brand by collaborating with influencers. The creators provide you an excellent opportunity to connect with potential audiences. Since influencers are specialists in gaining loyal followers, approach the right one who has your target audiences.

Here are some valuable ways to be considered while parenting with influencers:

  • Allow the creators to take charge of your TikTok account for a certain period and make it post their authentic content directly from your account. Then, they can cross-promote it on their account.
  • Search for the perfect match. Be sure whether the influencers whom you partner with adds value to your brand in terms of promotion.
  • Ensure the influencer’s flags as the foundation of trust for your business.
  • Respect their genuine voice and be authentic to them for an effective result.
  • Measure the impact on the participation of influencers responsible for your brand’s success.

#5. Prepare Educational Videos

Most people around the world think of TikTok just as the medium for making and watching lip-syncing videos. But the truth is, there are tons of TikTok users craving for informational videos to grow their personal lives. Take this opportunity to be an inspirational member for audiences. Amaze your followers by sharing a highly informative video and build strong trust.

Even the doctors start to use TikTok to gain huge audiences. Yes! Doctors drive into TikTok by making a video covering the trending topics of coronavirus and give them some tips to follow to get rid of the virus. When someone shares a solution for an unresolved problem, the views and followers grow tremendously for the account, making the doctor so popular. The educational video on TikTok raises your conversion for the brand and makes you famous!

#6. Start Running Contest

When engaging content provides some rewards to the audience’s streaming on TikTok, the users pause on the way to gain some profit. TikTok contests use simple logic like the eCommerce site giving some discounts for their product to increase conversions. Running a contest is a win-to-win approach for the audiences who increase engagement for your brand.

Take an instance on TikTok, where Uniqlo initiated its first marketing campaign in June 2019. The brand encourages their customers to participate in the contest by making a video wearing their favorite piece of Uniqlo product with the particular branded hashtag #UTPlayYourWorld. It was an open contest, and they announced that the winning videos play on popular stores in participating countries. The announcement of the reward took the contest to a huge success, with 700 million views for the hashtag.

Uniqlo becomes the best example of the importance of User-generated content. The UGC content usually boosts the credibility of your brand with the huge trust and loyalty of customers.

#7. Smash With How-To-Do Videos

Like the educational videos on TikTok, the tutorial videos also have a massive space for success. Make shorter and simple videos with unique concepts and attract the eyeballs of your audiences. Bring up the way of using your product within 60 seconds and surprise the users with excellent features on your brand. Tutorial videos of all topics play well on social media networks. The world is now probably changing to online, so everyone on this platform has a reason to show their presence.

The prevalent video concept on TikTok is the tutorial content. No matter what your specialization is, get the attention of audiences by showing your product visually. Instead of bringing the advantages of your product just as information, show it to audiences by using it in day-to-day life filled with key information. For example,  create a makeup tutorial using your beauty product and enhance the audience engagement.

Wrapping Up

Move with TikTok trends to lead the competition and find your listing at the top of the For You page. Take a step forward in your brand growth by inhaling the above simple TikTok content ideas and reach your target audiences easily. Use your own tactic to build an authentic community and be the most leading brand on TikTok.

I hope you enjoyed the ideas responsible for your brand’s success! Improve your presence with unique content ideas on TikTok and get awareness for your brand.

Author Bio:

Anne Joseph is a passionate social media writer working at Bauxite. She has strong strategy skills in developing and managing social media campaigns. She loves to make new connections and enjoys the opportunity to work with social media influencers. Start following her on

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