A recent study shows that over 85% of new CPG(Consumer Packaged Goods) products fail. So what brings a victorious launch from the defeat? It’s all about how your consumer treats your products and brand. In simple words, it means how you’re connected with your consumer through social media and understands their interest.

In this digitalized world, consumers spend their valuable time on their laptops and smartphones to check online reviews rather than in offline stores. So, every food brands and businesses want to get started with their social media strategy now. The primary key to grab your customer’s attention in the crowded network is to provide something to them worth their spending time. You want to know every strategy that works on social media, thus not like an offline store. Your strategy on social media should focus on providing more value to your audience and online consumers. So here are the five significant strategies ways food startups could use on social media to boost business that each food brand wants to incorporate to boost sales.

Making Your Value Proposal

So what things bring excess value? A recent study by a University concluded that people value every source of information and entertainment. The statement is true if every source creates an emotional response. Generally, emotional responses to every brand advertisement are the robust measure of its great success. Always begin with creating brand-related content, which brings a dynamic concept. If you are ready with emotional-based brand content, select the perfect platform to share your brand content. Whether it is video content or image post, or stunning post that describes your business journey, choose the right platform where most food discussions are happening and utilize the exact format to shine with your content—image posts for Facebook, Instagram, etc., and long-term video content for YouTube. Utilize ads features to boost your content.

Glow As Visual

5 Strategic Ways Food Startups Could Use Social Media To Boost Business-www.27goodthings.com

Your content wants to be more visual, especially for food brands to catch the most audience on social media. You want visuals or images that help you engage with your target audience, so spend some amount on your visuals. It is crucial nowadays as a business or brand to review yourself as a company on social media; thus, it means investing in creating valuable content gives you an automatic Instagram likes for your stunning posts on the platform. A report says that a casual reader remembers over 10% of info after three days. But while you showcase the pictures with information, the number increases to 70%. It clearly shows that visual strategy is more critical to build loyal fans and brand recognition.

Stay Consistent

Moreover, you want to be consistent every time to bring your business a massive success on Instagram. Sharing the content of your brand with consistent and attractive visuals leads to a lasting impact. To get this, have a content calendar with pictures, and outline the posting topics for every day of a week. Also, make sure that this social calendar has all the related hashtags you need to include. They can be either industry popular hashtags and specifically brand customized.

Connect With Influencers

5 Strategic Ways Food Startups Could Use Social Media To Boost Business-www.27goodthings.com

Plus, ad promotions and content are a great way to grab the audience to your brand by connecting with the right influencers and food categories on these social networks. Influencers on social media are trendsetters and new celebrities nowadays. For every social media audience, seeing a product from a well-reached influencer brings them a genuine feel rather than fancy ad campaigns on Instagram. Also, you want to be more careful while choosing an influencer for your brand. Check whether they have worked with campaigns related to your food brand, and acquire a target audience relevant to your brand. Moreover, analyze the relationship between the influencers and their fans. Connecting with influencers brings your food brand a specific stamp of approval and attains a massive opportunity to reach a target audience that might take your business with more conversions.

Narrate A Story

Storytelling is a powerful way to get your brand across the world. In general, a recent study shows that stories are robust, and also they can deliver points in an emotional way that everyone connects with. Learning increases with a powerful story. We can recollect them quickly. So, you should bring a clear-cut story, and it shines as a social media campaign’s heart. If you did that ideally, you could develop your social media strategy well around your brand’s stories.

Bring Your Product Shareworthy

You might think the packaging process is an operational strategy and a business. When any brand comes up with a new product, they want to consider its looks Instagram-worthy and visually striking.

Suppose your food brand takes more care of your food packaging, and it provides Instagram-worthy material. In that case, customers will be attracted to your packaging, which makes them take photos and upload them on social media. The designing and creative packaging of your brand food lead the customer to come back to you to attract attractive packaging styles and foods. While your customers share them on social media, your food brand receives more social visibility, increases engagements on Instagram, and might build sales.

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5 Strategic Ways Food Startups Could Use Social Media To Boost Business-www.27goodthings.com

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