Does an essay writing task petrify you? Looking for some valuable tips to make your essay task easier? Keep reading to explore more about an essay, its types, and some useful tips to write one. In this article, I am going to tell you how effective and productive tips online for essay writing help.



A small piece of writing presenting the writer’s thoughts or opinions to the audiences on a specific issue in a non-fictional way is referred to as an essay. An essay can also be helpful to propose an argument, express or initiate debate. Sometimes, the writer can use the viewpoint of another author and present it in a healthy comparison along with their perception. Keep in mind the effective and productive tips online for essay writing help, when you write an essay.

Types of academic essays:

  1. Argumentative essay
  2. Compare and contrast essay
  3. Definition essay
  4. Descriptive essay
  5. Illustration essay
  6. Informative essay
  7. Narrative essay
  8. Persuasive essay


There could be various reasons for the failure of the academic essay. Some of the prominent causes are:

  1. Lack of knowledge
  2. Improper writing skills
  3. Unknown structure
  4. Mistakes
  5. Incorrect citation
  6. Lack of researching skills
  7. Poor presentation
  8. Failure in time management


  • It enhances the writing skills of the students who regularly work on essays of different niches. They get the idea of how to proceed and structure to follow while writing the essay.
  • You can showcase your knowledge and skills through your essay. If you are working on essay assignments, it could prove your abilities in front of your professors.
  • Researching is a hectic job, and students always try to find a way to escape. The reason might be the lack of awareness of the trustable sources to approach for the referencing.
  • You will get better exposure to various categories, areas, or niches of society. In addition, it provides a better platform to explore a lot of resources to collect bulk information.
  • It helps the students to find a better job with a higher package. Moreover, it opens the door to many opportunities for higher studies as well.
  • If you have professional writing skills, you can do the promotion or marketing effectively.
  • Students gain critical thinking skills. They start to think creatively and use their innovative ideas in academic writing.
  • A student learns how to deliver the ideas impressively. In addition, you will get to know various strategies to engage more readers.
  • It improves an individual’s persuasive skills. Regularly writing essays can teach the students to convince readers on a specific point or their creative thoughts.
  • It also improves communication skills as students get a better command of the language by writing essay solutions.


  1. Keep in mind that your essay is just a story.

What is a story? It is an account of incidents or events organized well as per their time of occurrence. An essay is all about conflict and change. But, the conflict is between various ideas and the individual’s viewpoint which varies from person to person. A story develops interest among the readers as people assume it to be honest and get involved emotionally.

  1. Do not lose interest throughout the essay writing task

Do not get demotivated while writing an essay assignment. Keep your motivation level up and write throughout the whole essay writing process. Enjoy writing your essay, and do not lose interest.

Awake your subconscious mind and start thinking creatively. Gather your ideas and organize them systematically. Your first draft must consist of the ideas that you gathered by brainstorming around the topic.

Now, it’s your turn to deliver the second draft that has to be better than the previous one. Here are some tips to improve your first draft:

  • Investigate the most outrageous fact about the issue and consider it as your hook.
  • Improve your vocabulary using a thesaurus and research the topic’s keywords. Use synonyms that fit better in the statements.
  • Write in the form of debate and justify your arguments and present a solid comparison of your ideas with the other side of views.
  1. Try to focus on unknown facts during your research

Now, it’s your turn to analyze the area of interest of the readers. Write your essay solution perfectly as per the reader’s expectation. If you are writing an academic essay, try to figure out what your professors are asking or what they want to read.

Explore your topic well and acquire various facts that could be either known or unknown to you. Please focus on the obscure facts and research in-depth.

If you cannot find anything interesting or surprising through your research, it means you have not done your job well. Instead, try to dig in-depth and identify the surprising facts as history, science, literature, etc., are all flooded with surprises.

  1. Write down your ideas systematically.

Start writing your creative ideas in proper sequence. For example, a general three-point essay consists of five original statements, and you need to justify each with solid proof that you get from your research.

Write down your five original statements to move forward with your research. It would ensure that your investigation is going in the right direction.

Let us understand it with an illustration:

Introduction paragraph: Write an impactful introduction where you present the main idea of your essay. Be picky in your choice of words or phrases; it must be engaging.

Body 1: Introduce your 1st argument and justify it will research-based facts or shreds of evidence. Elaborate well making sure that the reader is left with no issue of clarity.

Body 2: Introduce your 2nd argument and prove it with well-established proof.

Body 3: Present your 3rd argument and validate it using your research.

Conclusion paragraph: Wrap up the whole idea of your essay in few lines stating its significance or application for the readers.

  1. Take references from the top-ranked websites/sources.

The next part is referencing. It is one of the most significant parts of academic writing. You cannot explore the topic or spend your precious time researching if you do not have the idea of reliable sources. You must know from where to take the relevant information to make your writing process more manageable.

If the essay writing topic is only within your course, the best sources to take out the information are the books. Go to the library and read the books that can give you the required data.

Sometimes, the topics are diverse or have no relation with any of your subjects. Then, it is time to explore the issue using various study materials, trustworthy sites, or references from top-ranked authors’ studies.

Remember to keep the record of the sources of the authors whose findings helped you write the essay.

  1. Follow the structure carefully.

Adhere to the restrictions and the requirements strictly. The structure is one of the most crucial parts of academic essays. Therefore, please write as per the format prescribed to you in your requirements/guidelines.

First, write the introduction paragraph and then proceed with the main body of the essay. In the end, write a powerful summary that makes your essay valid.

Use a professional tone when it comes to writing an academic essay. Do not drag the topic too much as it could be tedious for the readers. Instead, try to connect the audiences developing the interest among them.

  1. To make your essay, focus on what, why, and how.

In order to make your essay readable, focus on ‘what’. But, to make it better, try to focus on ‘why’. And if you intend to make your essay successful, please focus on ‘how’. Finally, you have to make sure that the readers get the answers to every question through your article.

Taking an example that could add more clarity for you:

  • What is the relevance of a research paper?
  • Why is academic writing critical?
  • How to improve your assignment writing skills?

If you aim to elaborate the argument focusing on ‘how’ throughout your essay, it will show great results.

  1. You can jump around.

Yes, you indeed have to follow the specified structure to write your essay. But, it does not mean that you cannot jump to another section without completing or touching the previous one. It means you can start writing the body section even before the introduction. It depends on you.

You must ensure that every statement lines up correctly when you review your whole document. Edit your paper carefully to make your essay ideal; cut off the irrelevant part of the essay and try to hold clarity till the end.


Essay writing often seems monotonous, but it’s up to the writer to make it enjoyable. If you enjoy your writing, it could be one of the most exciting assignments in your schools or colleges. Follow the effective and productive tips online for essay writing help when you decide to write on your essay assignment. Our tips will undoubtedly provide you with a professional essay writing service.

Make your essay meet the professor’s expectations and engage more readers. If you are still wondering whether you could write your essay perfectly or not, kindly consult reliable essay writing help providers. LiveWebTutors offer exceptional help with students’ essay assignments.

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