A logo is a pictogram that represents its respective company. Each company is supposed to have its own, individualized logo.  This logo becomes the identity of the company or business through which they are recognized on different platforms. In this article, we are covering 7 Mistakes That Wreck Good Logo Designs and 7 Expert Tips To Avoid Them.

Types of logos

There are 5 main types to design logos in general. 

Iconic Logo Design

It is to make use of figures or symbols to represent a company. It can be as simple as a bitten apple on the Apple Inc Logo or a complicated, yet recognizable, figure on the Starbucks logo. 

Typography Logo Design 

The typographic logo is a simple yet complex type of logo. Here the letters from the company name are used to make the logo. But it is not as simple since there are also hidden messages in the logo that need to be made clear and understood. 

3D Logo Design 

3D logos are a relatively new kind. They have a three-dimensional effect on them. They use the latest design tools and a variety of colors.

Flat Logo Design 

It is the simplest kind of logo. They are made on the basis of the concept of minimalism. They are two-dimensional.

 Mascot Logo Design 

As the name goes, the logo design uses a mascot. This mascot is used as the identity of the company. And it communicates the values of the brand and makes it memorable. 

Logo Designers 

Logos are designed by graphic designers. 

Graphic designers are extremely punctual, professional, and creative with a good sense of colors. Graphic designers can become specialized logo makers when they focus on logo-making software and tools. 

Companies get their logos made by such professional logo designers. The logo makers can be either hired by the company or contacted online. When the logo makers are outsourced, they can either be freelancers or a custom logo design company in the USA willing to get the job done for you by their staff.

7 mistakes that wreck good logo designs & 7 expert tips to avoid them. 

 Here are the main 7 pointers which have a considerable effect on logo design.

  1. Font style 
  2. Color theory 
  3. Trendy designs 
  4. Detail
  5. Preferences 
  6. Direct to designing
  7. Copy 

Font style 

The most common mistake made while creating a logo is choosing the wrong font. Usually, the fonts chosen would be inappropriate or too fancy. 

This fact needs to be understood that everything a logo comprises, delivers a message about the tone of the company. Therefore the font being used should be appropriate according to the tone of the message the company wants to give about itself. 

The font chosen should be clear and the viewers should be able to read it easily. 

Color Theory

The mistake with colors is made by both, the designers and their clients. The clients make the mistake of choosing the colors they like or are attracted to as the main base for their company logo design in the USA. While the designers see the logos as the opportunity to play with colors.

It is true that designing logos requires creativity and imagination, but it is also important to remember that the color scheme needs to follow some basic rules of color theory for logo design. 

The next crucial pointer to remember is that the colors used in the logo have emotional value. Each color has its own respective stimulation for the human brain. Therefore while selecting the color you have to consider the message each color sends and if it is appropriate for your company.

Trendy Designs 

Usually, when deciding on which type of logo should be used for a company, they try to go for the ones that are trendy. Such decisions are made on the basis that a trendy logo design might catch more attention which is why they look for top trends during that year. 

The catch over here is that a lot of other designers and companies would be doing the same. 

When deciding on the correct type of logo design it is fundamental to consider that the logo design should be timeless. Which means it should be attractive and memorable even after 20 years. Secondly, the type of logo should be fit and clearly represent the mood of your company. 


Since making the logo of a company means to create its identity in the form of a symbol. This causes the clients to panic and then go too much into the detail of the design. They find it hard to completely trust the designer, which frustrates them and ruins the whole process. 

The clients should give their input and monitor the process, as it is their basic right. But they need to overlook very minor detailing since it would not matter in the overall image. They also need to trust the designer with it as they would have experience and they possess great qualities like creativity and inspiration. 


When designing and deciding a logo, the designers and their clients make a lot of selections and decisions on the basis of their personal preferences. They like to see the outcome of the logo as they have painted in their mind, as they would like it to appear. This causes the failure of the purpose of making the logo itself. 

The logo made should be attractive, memorable, and impressive to the audience. It should demand the attention of the target audience. Consequently, the selections of the logo design should be made according to the preferences of the audience and potential buyers. And when they will remember the logo, the purpose of making a logo will be fulfilled. 

Direct to Designing 

Clients sometimes wrongly expect the designer to directly dive to designing the perfect logo for them. They want the results quickly and exactly how they want it. But they expect it without actually sharing what exactly they require. 

The logo is supposed to communicate what the brand represents and sells. This brings a lot of responsibility on the designers that they should be able to create something the client has in mind and the company name speaks of. Here they would need a brainstorming of the thought process of the client and what they want their company logo to deliver. 

Only when professional logo designers receive these instructions clearly, will they be able to deliver the perfect logo. 


Many designers and clients believe they are seeking inspiration from successful companies that serve the same services as them. In search of inspiration, they come up with an idea that is to cliché and too common. This makes the logo a collection of copies of multiple logos. 

The key is to keep your logo unique and different so that it can stand out from its competition. As a result, it is critical to reflect on the basics of a logo design and how they can be unlike the competition but also look like they belong from the same field. The clients and designers should draw inspiration from the morals of their company instead of the services. 

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