The most hated but loved season is here. Summer is the season that brings lots of sweat, dizziness, and dehydration with it. But, as they say, you need to enter the coal mine to find the diamond. Similarly, you need to sweat a little if you want to enjoy the most awaited seasonal fruit of India.

King of Fruit Mango is the most loved fruit around the world. What makes mangoes special is their distinct varieties and unique taste. There are over 300 varieties of Mangoes in India. Each type has its unique sweet, tangy or mixed taste and smell which easily helps to classify them.

Here are the top 9 Most Legendary Varieties of Mangoes in India that bring a tsunami of taste and happiness in summers.

  • Hapus (Alfanso)

Known as the King of Mangoes, Hapus is the first name that comes to our mind when we talk about the best thing that happens every summer. These are medium size mangoes that always can be recognized even from a distance from their sweet aroma. The world-famous variety of mango is originally grown in Maharashtra. Hapus is the most expensive of all because of its sweet taste and saffron-like color and smell.

  • Totapuri

Tota a Hindi word for Parrot from the name itself you can understand why this mango is called Totapuri. The mango and the Beak of the Parrot are almost identical. These are medium size mangos that are mostly not so sweet. Totapuri is mostly grown in southern parts of India Karnataka, Telangana, and Andhra Pradesh. This greenish variety of mango is mostly used for making salad and pickles.

Hapus Alfanso Mango

  • Kesar

When there is a king of mangoes, there must be a queen too. Ruling the land of Gujarat, Kesar is the sweetest variety of mangoes available. The color and smell of this mango are just like Kesar (Saffron), hence the name. As they say special is rare and expensive, so is this mango. Like the king, the queen of mangoes is also on the list of top priority and expensive mangoes in India.

  • Langra

Langra means ‘lame’. The name Langra came because this variety of mango was first grown in orchids of a physically lame farmer in Varanasi. The acidic but sweet mango is mostly used to make Aamras (Mango Juice). The color of this mango is pale golden and it looks like an egg. Langra best tastes after the first rainfall and is the variety of mango that comes last in the race to make you happy but wins everyone’s heart.

  • Sindhura

Red in color, sweet and tangy aroma is enough to make you find this variety of mango among the masses. Eat it once and your nose and tongue will keep recalling it for hours. This is the specialty of Sindhura. This variety of mango is mostly used to prepare artificial and natural mango shakes because of its truly yellow-colored pulp.

  • Badami

Named as Alphonso of Karnataka, Badami is the most nutritious of all the varieties of Mangoes in India. This is a large golden yellow color mango with very thin skin. Badami is mostly used to prepare shakes, juice, mango salad, and desserts. One of the most loved mangoes is always in demand because of its extremely sweet taste.

badami safeda mangoes

  • Dasheri

This mango is named Dasheri as it was first grown in the village called Dasheri in Uttar Pradesh. This is mild flavor mango. The mother plant is in village Dasheri for over 200 years. The mother plant gives fruits every alternate year. It has a pale green color which makes it very easy to identify.

  • Raspuri

Ant has the power to make even an Elephant fall. The smallest mangoes of all, Raspuri is best in the varieties of Mangoes when it comes to juice and taste. Ras which means Juice by its name says it all. Originally grown in Karnataka these small oval shape mangoes can stand out because of their shape and very thick skin.

  • Safedi

The biggest mango amongst all, Safedi is well known for its huge appearance in South India. This is the richest source of vitamin C and A and is mostly recommended in summers to stay healthy. The mango has very thin skin with a sugary sweet taste. Just pick the largest mango of all if you want to identify Safedi.

These are just the top varieties of Mangoes in India you got numerous to choose from. Stocks last only for 120 days. Don’t stop just go and enjoy these amazing mangoes. Do comment below and let me know your favorite mango.

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