Travelling is thrilling and it brings people who travel together closer. It allows people to experience different experiences, meet new people and create memories. Where should you travel to? You must be looking for unique travel destinations that will bring you close to people and nature. However, do not forget the classic vacation spots everyone loves. There is a reason why everyone loves them after all. Here are the top classic vacations you should take.

Be Part of a Festival

Everyone should attend a festival at least once in their lifetime. From the Carnivals that Rio De Janeiro is famously known for to the Hindu Holiday of Holi where you get to play with colors to the Songkran in Thailand where you get to play with water on the streets, you will definitely find a festival you can fit right in.

A festival is like a big-themed party. People in different parts of the world organize these events for celebrating achievements, in memory of important events, and to create awareness. No matter what the reason behind a festival is, you will love the experience. Thousands of people come together in this single event to party, dance, and have a good time. Loosen up, enjoy the show, and whenever you can, join in. Here is a list of festivals you can attend all over the world.

Party at Las Vegas

Famously known as a destination for casino lovers, Las Vegas has much more to offer. Yes, there are many casinos that make this town a gambler’s paradise but even if you do not like gambling you will enjoy a trip to Las Vegas. The nightclubs here will give you a party life as you have never had before. The hot Nevada sun will make you want to go in for a swim all day long. If this is your choice, there are several resorts with the best pools to offer. You can also get out there and marvel at the beautiful dessert and other marvelous nature features. Be sure to visit the 221.2 meters tall Hoover Dam which is one of the tallest dams in the world. One place you should not miss in Las Vegas is the Strip. This is a street that offers the best of the city in one place. Here you will find numerous eateries, hotels, and entertainment spots. This 2.5-mile street is known all over the world. Take a walk down and find out why.

Go Camping

You could go camping in the woods near your home but you will not have had the best camping experience if you never go camping in Maine. Nothing beats sleeping under the stars with the sound of the waves hitting the shores singing a lullaby. Wake up to beautiful views of the sunrise, enjoy a tasty breakfast and head out for a day at the beach. Swim in the salty waters, build sandcastles and play fun games with friends and family. What a vacation! Whether you want to stay close to the city or get lost deep in the ocean, there is a suitable island for you.

Go To a Theme Park

Although there are many theme parks to choose from in the world, the best may be in Florida. Even in Florida, there are a plethora of theme parks in the Orlando area. No visit to Florida would be complete without taking a few days to visit Universal Studios. This park features movie-themed rides and attractions that range from Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem for youngsters in your family to Revenge of the Mummy for those that are more daring. Attached to Universal are the Islands of Adventure, the other side of the park. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is one of the amazing areas among other impressive and entertaining attractions. If rides are not your style, you and your family can also enjoy fun, themed restaurants, entertaining shows, go see a movie and do some shopping nightly at the CityWalk.

A Caribbean Cruise

Well-known for having the best beaches in the world, the Caribbean coastline is one of the most visited places in the world. The best way to experience this area is through a cruise trip. You can visit the Bahamas, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Santa Lucia, Cuba, Grenada, Haiti, and Barbados among other countries in the Caribbean Coastline in one trip! You can enjoy a resort-like lifestyle on the ship while on transit with bars, swimming pools, and all sorts of entertainment areas within the ship. Whenever you dock at the various stops you will get to mingle with the people in shopping malls, museums, and other cultural centers, swimming and snorkel in the ocean’s blue waters and have a taste of their food at restaurants, street stands, and simple eateries.

Caribbean Cruise

Everyone needs to take a break from their usual life and go to a place they can relax. A vacation allows you to rejuvenate, get your thoughts straight and enjoy what nature has to offer. Choose a classic destination and you will be in for a treat. Experience all those good feelings that make these destinations so popular.


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