Yahoo mail is a globally utilized email service owned by Yahoo!, an American company now a part of Verizon Communications. Yahoo currently holds about 225 million global users who actively use Yahoo for their daily exchange of emails – one reason for this is the compatibility of Yahoo with Windows, iOS, Android, and macOS. Yahoo! Mail is proactive in offering features to its users that prove quite advantageous for users. One of these features is adding signatures to your emails, so you do not have to add your signature every time you compose an email manually. However, as useful as Yahoo is, some users claim they have faced a few errors with Yahoo! Mail previously. Problems like such include Yahoo mail not loading and not being able to open Yahoo mail. Each problem is addressed in this Complete Guide to Yahoo mail problems blog.


As mentioned before, Yahoo! Mail is an extremely efficient email service, but the problem with Yahoo mail not loading is recurring with many users. You can solve this problem by following the effective steps mentioned below.


The cache is the collection of temporary instances of web pages that you have previously opened on your browser. These temporary instances of webpage allow those web pages to load quicker. The cache is supposed to be recreated each time you visit the said webpage. One corrupted file can cause this very problem, so you must delete them from time to time to keep the corrupted files and such problems at bay. The procedure to clear your browser’s cache depends upon the browser you are using. Nevertheless, you can find this option in the settings of each browser.

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Another solution is to update your browser as an outdated browser may contribute to the malfunction of Yahoo. Ensure that your browser is up to date and if it isn’t, update it and check whether the issue is resolved.


Another reason for Yahoo mail, not loading is the interruption by the add-ons in its functioning. So, disable all add-ons temporarily to see if it now works properly.


Many a time, Yahoo users have faced several problems with sign-in. It can create unnecessary panic when you are unable to sign in to your own account. If you face a similar problem, you must be asking yourself, Why Can’t I open my Yahoo mail? Fortunately, you don’t need to worry as the sign-in problems are easily fixed. Below are two of the most common sign-in problems; refer to them to fix this issue.


Problem 1: Sign-in screen loops or reloads each time you try to log in

  • If you are stuck in a loop, reset the Sign-in cookie and login into your Yahoo mail account by clicking on Not You? On the sign-in page and entering your Yahoo ID and password; you will then get signed into your account
  • Clear the browser settings to refresh all temporary files which contain corrupted files
  • Quit to restart your browser or use a different browser that supports Yahoo! Mail

Problem 2: Invalid ID or Password error

  • Ensure that the caps lock and the number lock are not activated; otherwise, the entered password may differ from the password you wish to enter
  • Ensure that you do not have an active auto-fill setting as this setting may automatically insert your previous password, or you can save your changed password in the autofill settings
  • Try a new web browser that supports Yahoo mail because usually, the problem does not lie in the account but the browser
  • Ensure that your account hasn’t been compromised or somebody didn’t change it; change the password immediately using the Sign-in helper and further secure your account using Yahoo’s security features

Follow the above-mentioned three steps to fix your Why can’t I open my Yahoo mail problem.


Adding a signature to Yahoo mail is a fairly easy task to complete, saves you time and effort, and most importantly, allows the receiver to know you (the sender) even if you forget to do so because it automatically adds to the end of each mail. If you have already added a signature on Yahoo, you can change it any time. Below are the steps to add signature on Yahoo mail followed by the steps to change it.


Follow the steps below if you wish to add signature to Yahoo mail.

  • Open Yahoo Mail on your browser and log in to your account
  • Upon landing on the email inbox window, click on the settings menu (symbolized as a gear) to open the menu
  • From the list of all options, click on More settings to reveal them
  • Further click on writing an email to search for the Signature option
  • Click on the toggle next to the signature option to enable Signatures on your account; you will see a textbox below it – tap on it to insert your signature
  • Signatures usually include your name, contact details, designation, company’s logo, and any additional information that you would like to share


If you wish to learn how to change signature on Yahoo mail, follow the steps mentioned below. The process of changing signatures on Yahoo mail is similar to adding it.

  • Open Yahoo Mail on your browser and sign in
  • Click on the settings symbol to open the menu on Yahoo Mail, click on the More Settings option
  • Next, click on the Writing Emails option, where you will find the Signature option
  • Next to the signature option is a slider that you must toggle to the right to enable it
  • Click on the textbox below and make the necessary changes; click on Save to save these changes

The steps mentioned above are the answer to how to change signature on Yahoo mail. You can disable your signature using the same steps but only toggle the slider to the left this time.

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