Children are very sensitive and more prone to many viral infections, like cough, etc. When they expose germs, their immune system develops as a result. Parents want to see their kids in comfortable condition but it is only possible when they manage to reduce the symptoms.

A child specialist in Lahore says that coughs last up to two weeks. Common viruses are responsible for the cough. Some cases come with serious symptoms. The treatment for the cough is to keep your kids hydrated and make your children feel relaxed. There are some effective home remedies that can help to reduce the cough. We have the best solution Tips To Prevent Cough.

But first, we should learn about the types of coughs.

Types of the Cough 

The sound of the cough says a lot about the severity of the condition. There are different types of cough you may experience, such as:

Mild cough with sniffing 

Postnasal drip from the back of the throat can be the reason for the cough.

Deep cough coming from the chest 

It indicates the mucus in your airways.

Tight cough coming from the upper throat 

Infection or swelling around the larynx can cause this type of cough.

Here are some tips you need to learn about to stop coughing.

  • Water or Other Fluids 

Hydration is just as it can prevent many health conditions. Drink plenty of water or other fluids when your children have a cough. Keeping your child hydrated will keep the airways moist and strong. A kid should drink 8 ounces of water for each year of their life.

Younger children need more water, according to child specialists. Popsicles are also good options to soothe the sore throat of the kids.

  • Give them Honey 

Honey is rich in many beneficial properties that help in dealing with many health issues. If your child has a sore throat, give them honey as it contains antibacterial properties that fight against infections.

For children under one year, honey is not good because it increases the chance of botulism.

Ask the child specialist how much amount you should give to your children. Add honey in the warm water as it is an easy solution to give your children. It also helps in hydrating your child.

  • Use humidifier 

Moisturized air keeps your child’s airways moist as it helps in drying out and loosens mucus. Adding moisturizer with a humidifier helps a lot to ease the cough and congestion.

In the room, turn on the humidifier where your toddler stays all night.

  • Go with vapor rub 

It is still in a debate that vaporub contains menthol and camphor. They are beneficial to ease the cough. Caretakers use this balm and rub it on their palms. Rubbing on the chest and feet can help to ease the cold and cough.

  • Essential oils 

Herbal products are popular these days due to their effects on easing the cough. You apply it to your child’s skin or diffuse it in the air. But do not apply directly on your skin but make a dilute solution to apply it on your skin. All oils are not safe for your toddlers as you need to verify before using any of such oil.

  • Let your child in cold weather 

Studies reveal that walking in cold weather can relieve the symptoms of the cough and ease the cold symptoms. You should make your child walk outside for a few minutes and prevent exhaustion.

If your child feels tough at night, open the door of the freezer and let your child breathe there. It will help in easing cough.

  • Elevate the head of your children 

Experts believe that kids under one and half years should not take the pillows. If your child moves a lot then it is difficult to make them sleep on one or more pillows. Elevate one end of the mattress to ease the mucus passage.

Final thought 

When you see that your child experiences trouble sleeping or difficulty in breathing, get medical help as soon as possible. Chest pain is also a common symptom that your child may experience.

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