you lose your job, the first thing you need to do is to find out a new job. Although you have some savings to tide over during the fleeting phase of unemployment, your search should start from the very first day you are made redundant.  Finding a new job is not that easy, especially when the competition is too high. When you put in the application for a job, the recruiter will analyze how you can beat out their current employees to produce the desired output.  In this article, you will know how technology is helping the jobless to land a dream job?

You will have to show your skills that prove you are a perfect fit for a particular organization. For instance, if you are looking for a business development profile, you will have to show:-

  • How you influence others?
  • What will make others listen to you?
  •  Find Out How you can direct people?
  • According to you how you can persistently develop leadership skills?

You may take a bit longer to land the desired job, and in the meantime, you may need to take out fast loans for the unemployed in Ireland. Once you have taken on a loan, it raises the alarm bells. Your savings are on the edge of disappearance, and you have not found a new job yet. 

Even though you have great skills, your CV may struggle to be picked up by recruiters. Here technology comes in. This blog discusses how technology is helping the unemployed to get a job.

What Are The Applications That You Can Use To Land A Dream Job?

Job Hero

Your resume and cover letter must be impressive if you want recruiters to shortlist you. When you put in the application, recruiters have already a ton of applications on the portal. Of course, they do not have time to read the application carefully. 

They will quickly scan your cover letter and resume finding something new that makes your CV set apart from others. Job Hero can make your job search better and stronger. 

You can create successful resumes and cover letters. Even if you have an ordinary resume, you can be shortlisted if you use Job Hero for preparing your resume and cover letter. 


Huntr is an application that allows you to search for a job in any field. You can discover many opportunities in one place. It acts as a CRM for your job search because it can track all details about your job including but not limited to location, salaries, shifts, contacts, job description, and companies. 

Now the discovery of your dream jobs has become easier with Hunter. There are millions of jobs in Huntr. Whether you are a fresher or an experienced candidate, this job application can offer you the right type of job as per the skills mentioned in your resume. 


LinkedIn is also a great platform to promote your skills to land your dream job. Although it is a social media marketing platform, it is more professional than Facebook and Twitter. Do not use this platform for casual conversation and senseless polls just to get more comments, views, and shares. 

Instead, use this platform to showcase your skills. Upload a resume along with a cover letter and tell recruiters why they should hire you or what benefits you can offer them that others cannot. Try to write highlights of the CV in text, so every recruiter or employer knows your skills even if they do not bother to look at your resume. 


This tool offers a perfect six-week job search program. It can allow you to keep tabs on the job you have applied for. Apart from building the network, the software can track companies you have applied for. You will get complete information like if the recruiter has visited your profile. The six-week job search program includes:

  • An audio training that tells you what and how to do to land a new job.
  • A transcript so you do not have to jot it down somewhere.
  • A list of three tasks that you have to perform each day.

Undoubtedly, you can get to know what you are supposed to do with online research, but the USP of this app is you will get three complete tasks for each day for a period of six weeks. These tasks will be incredibly impactful to find you the best job. 


As you know, your resume must be attractive and impressive if you want to stand out, PathSource can build you an amazing CV to help you land a job. Apart from creating a resume, you can also pick a job that you want to do. You just have to spend a few minutes with a career assessment, and you will get specific recommendations. 

There is no denying that technology helps the unemployed to land a dream job quickly. Applications mentioned above can help you create a fantastic resume and cover letter. You can set yourself apart from others. 

These solutions are not free of cost. They are not expensive, either. It can be worth spending money on such software applications. In case your savings do not allow for it, you can take out doorstep cash loans for the unemployed

Description: Technology can help the jobless to land a new job in various ways. This blog discusses it in detail.  

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