As every business sector has started marking its online presence, it is the same for the real estate industry. Buying and selling properties is more effortless. For this, you have to develop an app through which you can connect buyers and sellers. If this interests you, then let us move forward.

Introduction to Zillow clone app

Zillow clone app connects property buyers and sellers on a single platform. Sellers can list their properties along with pricing details, and buyers can book the property online. This is the overview of how the app functions. To make buying and selling more efficient, the app has many features to assist buyers and sellers. You will get to know all the possible features of the app in the upcoming sections.

Value propositions you can add by developing the real-estate app

  1. Buyers can buy properties from the app without any hesitation as the app lists only licensed sellers.
  2. Through the app, users will have more transparency in buying properties.
  3. Since users buy or sell properties through the app, there is no need for a middleman and the commission associated with it.
  4. Apps like Zillow support a 3D view of the property. The 3D view feature will influence buyers to make decisions.
  5. Buyers can search for properties in various regions.

Working of Zillow clone script

  1. Buyers will register themselves on the platform by giving all the essential information. On the other hand, sellers will also enter their details and complete the registration.
  2. Sellers will list their properties along with images, addresses, and pricing details.
  3. Buyers can search for properties by entering the type of property they are looking to buy. It can be a house, land, commercial building, etc.,
  4. If buyers wish to find any properties, they can express their interest by sending requests to sellers.
  5. If the seller accepts the buyer’s request, then they can proceed with the next step of making payments.
  6. Once the payment is made, you can deduct a certain percentage of the amount as commission. And the rest of the amount will be credited to the seller.

Now is the time to look at the features of the real-estate clone app.

Features of the Zillow like app

Buyer profile registration – Buyers should list their details in the app and complete the initial registration process.

Seller profile registration – Like buyers, sellers will also register themselves on the app.

List properties – Sellers can list their properties along with the images and pricing details of the properties.

Categories – Sellers will list the properties under various categories like sale, lease, rent. Buyers can choose the category and request the properties.

Map-based search – Buyers can search for properties based on location. They can enter the location in the search field and find properties in that location.

Geolocation – Through geolocation, buyers can know the properties in and around their locality.

In-app calculator – Through the in-app calculator, buyers can check the value of properties, lease amount, mortgage amount, etc.,

Multiple language support – The app can support various languages that aid you in covering global users.

Three-dimensional view – Through the app, buyers can view the properties in a three-dimensional view. This 3D view will be more appealing to users so that they can make strong buying decisions.

In-app chat – Buyers and sellers can strike a conversation using the in-app chat feature. They can sort out clarifications regarding properties.

Reviews and ratings – Buyers can express their opinion regarding the app or buying experience. On the other hand, sellers can also write reviews and rate the app.

The revenue model of the real-estate app

Commission charges – Whenever a buyer buys a property, the seller associated with that property will have to pay commission fees.

Registration fee – For listing the properties on your app, sellers will have to pay the registration fee.

Ads- You can promote the properties of sellers by displaying in-app ads. Also, you can show ads for third-party products and services.

Cost of developing the app – Factors to consider

Here, let me present you with the cost determinant factors. The cost of developing any app has no standard price. However, companies have certain types of app packages in various price ranges. You can choose between any of the packages according to your business. Since we are looking at clone app development, certain factors include arriving at the cost of development. They are as follows.

  1. Platform – Native or Hybrid
  2. Number of features integrated
  3. Members involved in the development team
  4. Region or country of your app developer

App package of Zillow clone

  1. Buyer Android App
  2. Buyer iOS App
  3. Seller Android App
  4. Seller iOS App
  5. Admin Panel
  6. Website


The market share of real-estate business shows a vast scope in this area. Launch the Zillow-like app and establish a platform that cements buyers and sellers. All the best!

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