There are so many email clients available now days still Microsoft Outlook is the most popular one. Have you ever thought about why is it so? Don’t worry this blog will help you to know how to convert OST file to PST file format.


Microsoft Outlook stores the email data in two different file formats i.e., OST and PST. OST stands for “Offline Storage Table” while PST stands for “Personal Storage Table”. Before discussing the methods to convert OST to PST file format, we have to understand the difference between OST files and PST files.

What Is The Difference Between OST and PST?

In the offline mode, Microsoft Outlook saves the Exchange mailbox data in a local file known as an OST file. The user can make any changes offline in the OST files. However, these changes are later updated to the server mailbox.


While on the other hand, PST is the file format used to store the mailbox data including calendar, contacts, attachments, etc. This PST format is only supported by MS Outlook. However, this PST file format has some key advantages over the OST file including data integrity. PST files are password-protected files that maintain data security.


After understanding the concept of OST and PST file format, we must have to consider the reasons Why we need to convert OST to PST file formats?

Need to Import OST file into Outlook

There can be a lot of reasons to convert from OST to PST file format depending upon the user’s preference. However, the following are the reasons when we need to import an OST file into Outlook.

●     Unexpected Failure of Exchange Server

The exchange server is prone to unexpected crashes that may be caused due to system failure, virus attacks, or many other reasons. However, it is not possible to connect with the server at this time. These circumstances affect your business and also can harm your important data. So, to protect your important data from an unexpected failure of the exchange server you need to import OST files into PST files.

●     Accidentally Deleted the Exchange Server Account

Due to any reason if the Exchange Server account gets deleted then there is no way to recover your Exchange server data. Hence, it is required to convert OST to PST prior to any unwanted situation.

●     Migration of OST Data Files

When a user has to transfer the OST Data from one system to another system then it is required to import OST data files into PST. Sometimes the organization is trying to shift its data from one system to another hence, it is required to transfer all the exchange server data online.

●     Downtime of Exchange Server

Sometimes, Exchange Server goes under maintenance due to downtime. This situation is very critical to the data stored in Exchange Server. The files may get corrupted hence, to prevent such circumstances we need to export the OST files to PST.


These are some of the crucial circumstances that may arise the need to convert OST to PST before any loss of the important mailbox data. Sometimes, users also face Outlook OST cannot be accessed error. Therefore, it is essential to find the best way to prevent our mailbox data.


Now, it is clear why we need to import an OST file into Outlook. Let’s go through the methods or techniques used to transfer the OST into PST file format.

Methods Used to Export OST file to PST 

Basically, there are two techniques to perform this task first one doesn’t require any amount to invest while another technique requires some investment. Obviously, the second one has more advantages over the first one because we all know that there are some limitations with all the free techniques.


The two methods that we can use to convert OST to PST are:

1.    Manual Technique

2.    Professional Software Technique

Manual Methods to Convert The OST File to PST

Are you thinking about How do I convert an OST to PST for free? If yes, then you are the fortunate one because we have 3 methods to import OST files into PST file format. Each one of the methods is discussed below.

●     Import and Export Tool in Outlook

To perform this first of all open Microsoft Outlook and enter the login credentials. After logging into your account just follow the simple steps given here.


  • Click on the File tab and choose the Import & Export
  • Now, click on the option Export to a file.
  • Then after click on the Next button, select Personal File Folder (.pst)
  • Again press the Next
  • After that click on the Parent Root and check the Include Subfolders
  • Now, browse and select the Destination Folder.
  • Then, click on the Finish


●     By Using Drag and Drop Method

In this method, you just need to create a PST file and then simply drag and drop the folders and save it into the PST format.


  • Open MS Outlook and login into your account.
  • Now, Create a PST File in Outlook.
  • Then, just Drag and Drop The Folders that you want to import into this PST format.


●     Using the Archive Option

You can also convert OST to PST format by using the Archive option.


  • Open the MS Outlook and select the Archive option from the File
  • Now, Choose The Folder you want to convert.
  • Then, Select The Desired Location where you want to save the file in PST format.
  • Then, click on the Finish button to complete the task.


So, with the help of the above 3 methods, You are now able to import OST files into PST. These methods are also known as the free manual techniques to transfer OST files into PST. However, these manual techniques have some limitations. Now, let’s understand these limitations and then decide why we need the professional software technique to import OST files into Outlook.

Limitations of Manual Technique

As we all are aware that free techniques can only provide limited solutions for a problem, the same principle applies here. Following are some limitations of the manual technique that allow us to opt for the professional software solution to convert OST to PST format.


  1. To perform these manual methods you will need the same exchange server account.
  2. Sometimes OST files may get corrupted. This manual method can’t convert the corrupted OST files.
  3. This is a time-consuming process.
  4. You need to have some technical knowledge to perform these actions.
  5. The data structure is not maintained in this process and the chances of losing data are high.


After going through the limitations of the manual technique, now we can easily understand why it is not suitable to opt for this method to convert OST to PST files. To overcome these limitations we have a professional solution that helps in maintaining data integrity along with its proper structure. It is also embedded with some amazing smart features that assist users throughout the process.

Professional Technique to Convert OST Files

This technique involves the use of third-party professional software that will effectively handle this conversion process. Although there are lots of software available online however Cigati OST Converter is one of the best software techniques available online.


Unlike, other OST to PST converters this software is very easy to use and it also facilitates some smart features that make the conversion process more effective. This converter is a comprehensive software solution to convert the OST file into multiple different file formats such as PST, PDF, MBOX, MSG, HTML, DOC, etc. It also allows users to migrate the OST data into various email clients by maintaining the proper data structure of email folders. The most amazing thing about this software is that it has an interactive user friendly GUI. A non-technical user can also perform the conversion task very easily with the help of this software.


OST converter tool is the most reliable way to convert OST to PST format. It has some advanced features like Mail Filter, Save PDF Separately, Remove Duplicate Emails, etc. All these features assist and make the task more efficient and secure.


After going through every aspect of this blog now we are able to understand What is the difference between OST and PST files and why we need to convert OST files to PST. This blog also covers the two major techniques that can be used to convert the OST files. One is to convert it by using manual technique and the other one is to opt for a professional software solution to import OST files into PST.


After discussing both the techniques and the limitations that come along with the manual technique, we understand the importance of a professional software solution. This article also provides one of the best software techniques available. The Cigati OST Converter is one of the best software to convert OST to PST files. I hope this article covers all the major aspects which a user wants to know before selecting the best way to import OST files into PST.

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