PDF Files also known as Portable Document Format are fundamentally a file format that is developed by Adobe in the year 1993. This file format was developed to perform representation of documents including text formatting and images irrespective of software, hardware, and operating systems.

PDF Files are widely accepted among users because of the primary advantage that the saved file is in restricted from. This means any unauthorized user cannot edit or make changes to the file. It can only be viewed, shared, or printed by other users. Though PDF file format is one of the most liked file formats from the viewpoint of users. But, users sometimes feel difficulties while merging multiple PDF files into a single file. An example of a query by a user is attached below.

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If you are also one of such users then stay connected to this article. Because in this article, I am going to reveal some of the awesome methods that you can follow to merge your multiple PDF files into a single file. Let’s check Tricks To Merge And Convert PDF Files


Manual Method of PDF File Merge


You can combine or merge your multiple  PDF files into a single PDF File by taking help from  Adobe Acrobat DC. To do the procedure you can perform the steps noted below.

  1. First, install Adobe Acrobat DC
  2. Next, select Tools and go to Create & edit options.
  3. Here, click on the Combine files option.

adobe acrobat pro merge files

4. Now, select on the Add Files Option. Now choose the file you want to combine and tap on the Open button.adobe acrobat pro merge files

5. Now, you can see all your uploaded files on the screen. If you want to add files then you have to click on Add files.

6. You can select the size, bookmarks from Tap options.

7. Now finally, choose the Combine option.

choose the Combine option.

8. After few minutes you will get your combined PDF File.

With the above steps, the manual method of merging multiple PDF files into a single file ends here. Now after you have combined your multiple files into a single file, you can easily access the file without wasting time in searching the necessary exact file from a bunch of small files.

However, users sometimes also want to convert their PDF Files into a PPT format. Let us first know a little bit about PPT and why users want to convert PDF into PPT.


Overview of PPT


PPT is also known as PowerPoint Presentation is basically a file format adopted by Microsoft PowerPoint.This application is widely used by office employees and educational presentations.PPT files is very much helpful while creating presentations as it offers different kinds of images, sound and video facilities. It is a complete package that can help you to create a professional presentation to properly showcase all your agendas. There could be some other reasons as well for converting PDF files into PPT format.


         Causes of transferring PDF into PPT


Possible reasons that could be responsible for converting a PDF File into PPT format are mentioned below :

  • PowerPoint provides users an easy editing option that can be used for editing any content from the file without any further procedure.
  • Adding up video and transitions from PPT offers users to create a more detailed and eye-catching file.


Now, the question arises how can we convert our PDF files into a PPT format. But, I  feel it is important to inform users, that unfortunately there is no proper method to convert PDF Files into PPT. However, I am mentioning here a method that users can use to fix the PDF file into a PPT. The process is described below with an explanation of how to do the fixing part.


The process to fix PDF into PPT


With the help of this process, you can insert your PDF File into PPT. This means that now your PDF FIle has been planted in PPT, and any user who receives this PPTX file can able to see the contents of your PDF file.

To start the process first you have to click on Insert and then on Object Option. Now select the PDF File that you want to fit in PPT. You can search the file from the Browse option. Now, make sure that you have selected the Create From File check box. Finally, your task is done. Now if you send the PPTX file to any other user, then the file will be available to view.


Until now, we have witnessed the manual techniques to merge multiple PDF files into a single file and then again convert the PDF file into a PPT file. But, these manual techniques for both processes have some limitations also. Many users have reported difficulties while performing these methods.


Problems faced by a user


  • The process requires a lot of technical skills.
  • This is a time-consuming and lengthy process.
  • The process does not assure file integrity and safety.
  • The process is not 100 % valid in some cases.


These are some of the issues users face while performing the manual process. So, now the question arises that what can be the reliable and easy solution to merge my multiple PDF Files and then also convert them into PPT. There are multiple options available in the market but the best option suggested by IT experts is to take help from a professional tool.


Expert Method of Merge and Convert PDF into PPT


DRS PDF Manager is a leading software in the field of PDF files related queries. This is an automated tool that easily merges and converts your PDF Files. The tool also has the capability to split your large-size PDF files, lock or unlock your PDF files. Other than PPT, it can also convert your PDF files into many other file formats like DOC, DOCX, HTML, EML, MSG, PNG, XLSX, etc. This software is a complete package to serve all your requirements. It is designed with some additional features that make it unique from other available software. Some of the most prominent features are highlighted below.


Notable Features of  the Tool


  • In case users need protection for files then the tool offers different levels of codes to ensure high security to your file.
  • With the help of its advanced features, users can lock or unlock PDF files as per demand.
  • The software facilitates users with an option that can help to save the file in the desired location after completing the process.
  • The quality of your file is highly maintained by the software. You will get all your data intact without any changes.
  • Inbuilt interface guides users in performing the task smoothly without facing any problem.
  • The software is fit to run in all versions of Windows including Windows 10.
  • The free trial version is yet another feature that acts as an advantage for users, in case users want to use and check the functionality of the tool.


Let us now check the steps for implementing the professional method.


Easy step of the Automated Tool


        1. Fix the DRS PDF Manager Tool on your computer.
        2. As soon as you log in, the tool shows four icons for different purposes, like:
          • Buy Option – to buy the complete version.
          • Activation Option – to activate the software.
          • Help Option – to resolve any query related to the tool.
          • Info Option – to know any information about the tool.
        3. Next, tap on Add Files or Add Folder option according to your choice of merging PDF files or a whole folder. Now, after you have a tap on the add file/folder option, choose the file or folder from your computer.
        4. Next, click on the Open button from the down.
        5. Now, choose a location for your file and then tap on the Merge Option to proceed.
        6. Here, you can set a file name and use any other additional options.
        7. In this step, you can save attachments separately and then click on the Merge button.


    Now, the process will start and within few seconds, your multiple PDF files or PDF folders will get combined into a single file. After the tool completes its process, you can download the report as well. And in case, if you want to start the migration process again then just tap on the Convert Again Option.


    Now let us check the steps that are required to perform the conversion of PDF files into PPT. To start the process of conversion, a user first need to  follow the above same steps from Step No. 1 to Step No.5 and then proceed next to the below mentioned steps:

    1. Here, click on the convert button to move on to the next step.
    2. Now, you will see all the file format options that are available in this tool for conversion.
    3. Choose your required file format from the given numerous options.
    4. Here, you will get options that will help in maintaining the quality of the file.
    5. Choose the save attachments options, if you want to store the attached items.
    6. Now, just tap on the Convert option.


    The conversion process will start within a second and you can also save the download report. And to redo the process, select the Convert Again Option.




    In this blog, I have tried to help users by giving a detailed explanation about how to merge and convert PDF files into PPT. I have written here two different types of methods for the same task, a user can choose either of them. But, here I would like to recommend users to take help from a professional tool and complete the task effortlessly and in less time.

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