Have you ever met the lucky ones in your life, about whom you might think that they have been building their whole life playfully? They often succeed in a lot with amazing simplicity, perhaps not in all areas, but some especially. They know their “boundaries” exactly, are unsinkable in disputes and unshakable in intentions. If you want to grow your strength and want to fit your body read this article Rules of Setting Good Fitness and Diets Goals for Their Full Achievement.

Who are these people? Maybe these are the ones who go to the same gym as you? Or your neighbor whose jogging you watch every morning? These people are real goal-setters who know how to achieve their fitness goals ideas. They have a developed strategy in this, and they reach success. 

How to set healthy and athletic fitness goals? How to successfully implement them? How not lose interest halfway through? What are smart goals examples, fitness and diet ones? In this article, we will answer all your questions. Keep reading!

Define your Goals

How to set fitness goals correctly? What is your plan? What do you want from training in the end?

Rules of Setting Good Fitness and Diets Goals for Their Full Achievement-www.27goodthings.com

Increase muscle volume? Get stronger? Remove extra pounds? To make the body more muscular? Decide for yourself very accurately. It depends on how to work with exercise complexes and how to build a nutritional system. It is ideal if you formulate your goal on paper in the form of one or two sentences.

The goal of the sport is to win, to take first place. But this goal cannot be the only one. There can be no permanent gain in sports. If the only plan is victory, then you can lose everything, including faith in yourself. A correctly formed goal will lead you forward. But if a mistake has sneaked into the goal formulation, then such a plan can lead you to wander and prevent you from achieving success.

It is necessary to set goals not only for the long term but also for each workout. The coach’s attitude before the competition is also nothing more than the goal setting for the performance.

At the initial stage of a sports career, the athlete’s goals and competitive activity are entirely planned by the coach. More than half of amateur athletes have a poor understanding of their goals and rely entirely on the coach. But that’s a mistake.

Now let’s take a look at some of the components that make up the fitness goal.


Your goal should be as specific as possible. It must be put into words. You need to voice it in one or two sentences, write it down in a few words on paper, or express it in numbers. If this fails, then you have no plan at all.

Here are examples of well-defined fitness goals:

  • Lose weight: 6 pounds over the next 30 days.
  • Run 10 miles non-stop.
  • Give up sweets and dough for half a year.
  • Increase your push-up achievement from 30 to 50 times in three weeks.

Rules of Setting Good Fitness and Diets Goals for Their Full Achievement-www.27goodthings.com


The goal must be realistic. Don’t confuse the realistic target with its extent. The goal can be very significant but realistic. Pushing up 200 times is a very serious and high sporting goal. But it is quite realistic. And don’t be afraid to set big, even incredible plans.

Special studies have shown that people who set very significant health and fitness goals for themselves have achieved them or have almost done it. Better than those who set minor goals. Strive for the stars, and you will certainly get to the moon.

But keep in mind the following. Losing 20 pounds in two to three weeks through diet or other tricks is fraught with danger. The human body does not forgive such jokes.


Your goal should be under your control. There is no point in setting a goal if you cannot control the process of achieving it. The goal should only depend on you. If other people are involved in achieving your goal, any circumstances that you cannot influence, then your plan becomes illusory.


Achievement of the goal should always be tied to time. That is, you must clearly set a date for its achievement. And do your best to meet these deadlines. And even if you do not meet them, you will still do a lot if you stick to the time, to a specific date. And these achievements will be much more serious than if you do not set any time limits.

Rules of Setting Good Fitness and Diets Goals for Their Full Achievement-www.27goodthings.com


Emotional Significance

It is one of the most important characteristics of well-defined fitness goals both for women and men. The goal is to warm your soul. The mere mention of it should touch you to the quick. Only under this condition can we say that the chosen goal is significant for you.

This significance will ultimately determine how you will act in achieving the goal, how you will overcome obstacles on the way to it, how you will feel when you suffer temporary defeat (excitement and sports anger or depression and disappointment).

Examples of short-term fitness goals setting from the first paragraph may look like this in the context of what has been said:

  • Reduce your weight by 4 lbs this month. (Hurray! I can put on my wedding dress!)
  • Run 10 miles non-stop (I can finally take part in the charity marathon)
  • Give up sweets and dough (My skin will finally clear up, and I will forget about rashes)
  • Increase your push-up record from 30 times to 50 in three weeks. (Well, now Ben from the gym will definitely burst with envy!)

5 Great Fitness Goals Examples

Below are some simple short and long-term fitness goals examples to help you get started. If you still have difficulties with the correct wording, we hope that our examples will help you.

Do one extra pull-up for 10 days in a row

If you’ve ever tried to pull up, you know it’s damn hard. However, regular practice, motivation, dedication, and some best caffeine pills will help you learn how to do this exercise. It is one of the favorite fitness goals for men, as it works your back, chest, and arms. By incorporating pull-ups into the system of your exercises, over time, you will feel that the muscles in your body have strengthened. Just add one time every day, and you will be amazed by your result.

Rules of Setting Good Fitness and Diets Goals for Their Full Achievement-www.27goodthings.com

Give up processed food for a month

It doesn’t matter which benefit you choose to eat clean. It can be clear skin, losing weight, detoxifying the body, or improving digestion. Just don’t buy and consume any industrial food for a whole month. It applies to sweet soda, chips, fast food, semi-finished meat products, etc. You will be surprised with the pleasant results in just a month.

Climb high into the mountains for breathtaking views

If you love hiking or jogging, the most amazing encouragement to stay active is scenic views that open up to you during your activities. Tired of the usual route where you know every stone? Find new trails, try to climb a mountain, or go for a walk along the beach. Set yourself a goal to explore 5 new locations in a month.

Try new asanas

By incorporating yoga into your fitness routine, you will be amazed by your body’s capabilities and see how it develops day by day. Set an additional year-long goal to master 10 challenging headstands and handstands. Balance, baby, balance!

Examine new training directions

Step outside your comfort zone and try a new fitness class. It will show you what is right for you and what is completely not yours. Set a goal to attend at least one new workout per month. In order not to be embarrassed, take a friend with you and have fun!

How Many Goals Can You Set?

There shouldn’t be many smart fitness goals. Set one, maximum two, serious ones. And if there is more than one goal, divide the work to achieve them in time and even better in location. Make efforts that will lead you to different plans, at different times of the day and in different places.

Your personal fitness goals mustn’t contradict each other. For example, it is believed that it is possible to simultaneously build muscle mass and effectively reduce body fat. It is a very common misconception based on a misunderstanding of the physiology of the human body. Researches say that the most you can count on are to lose weight while maintaining your current muscle mass.

And no matter how significant your goal is, it should not lead to loss of health. There is no point in success if it comes at such an extreme cost. We mean low-quality nutritional supplements for weight loss and muscle building or unbalanced diets to pursue rapid weight loss. Just understand that you don’t need it. You will achieve everything that you have in mind without it.


And, finally, we would like to share with you one last secret for achieving the goal. Tune in from the very beginning to long and serious work to achieve your intention. For a marathon. It does not mean at all that you will achieve it indefinitely. It’s just that such an attitude, as practice shows, is much wiser than the attitude to a quick victory.

Those who have already achieved significant fitness body goals have suffered many defeats and made many mistakes. And it was this marathon attitude that allowed them to survive and, in the end, to win.

It doesn’t matter where you started. The main thing is what you will come to as a result of your efforts.

And what about you? Do you set any fitness goals? Can you please share them in the comments below?

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