Just when your campaign is going to get started detailed keyword research needs to be done for this. The keyword must be giving some results and this should be regularly monitored by you. The website of your company will get the option of using either branded vs SEO keywords on the basis of this keyword research. Your campaign’s performance depends on selecting from these two types of keywords.

It has great importance if you are running PPC campaigns. It is because if you are running these types of campaigns then for building the marketing strategy of your company both branded and SEO keywords are important.

Branded keywords

A keyword having the name of your company is known as the branded keyword. Along with some other words included in a keyword if it contains the word “Coca Cola ” then it represents the brand Coca Cola and will be called as a branded keyword. However, a keyword can not be called as a branded keyword if it includes some other brands in it. For instance, the shoes of several brands are sold by a footwear company known as Zappos. The Zappos carries some footwear known as “Birkenstock sandals” and “Nike sneakers”. But if you search these on the internet then these can not be called as branded keywords. We can only call a keyword branded if it has a brand name like “Zappos reviews” and “Zappos boots”.

You can say that your company’s items are liked by the visitors if they have used the branded keyword for purchasing the items of your company.

Traditional SEO keywords

On the basis of competition and search volume, your website can be targeted by using certain phrases. These phrases are known as SEO keywords. Suppose you have used a query known as “best jewelry online” then you know that your site’s ranking will be good on SERPs and it can be indicated by the keyword research. You will also get a lot of traffic with this.

Which keywords should be targeted by you?

Traditional SEO keywords must be abandoned by you if branding has a lot of importance for you. If your brand keyword does not have a good search volume then also you have to use it for your new brand that you have set up recently.

Whether a general website should be searched by a traditional keyword or a branded keyword? A single solution for this does not exist.

If you are running a company then a strategy can be easily crafted by you by making the use of some tools.

Does the brand keyword rank better or the SEO keyword rank better? It has been asked several times. If a brand keyword is used for your site and your site’s position is still under the position of your competitors then your website will give a poor impression. It has been found that your brand is trusted and liked by those people who have used the brand keyword for it. Research suggests that conversion can be doubled by using a brand keyword.

Several ways of increasing the search volume of your branded keywords

  1. If you target traditional SEO keywords – Traditional SEO keywords should be targeted by you if the brand keywords are not having a very big search volume.
  2. Along with other kinds of marketing you should build your brand recognition – You can get a good ranking on SERPs if several branding activities are carried out by you like:
  • If a press release is written and submitted by you.
  • If social media profiles are set up by you.
  • Content marketing is created and shared by you.

Your brand recognition can be built by using three strategies:

  • By getting reviews.
  • Appearing on podcasts.
  • Using email for pitching journalists.

Various ways of optimizing for branded keywords by using SEO

If you have to optimize a brand keyword that has good search volume then what will you do? You need to visit the SEMrush page. By doing this you can easily see the rankings for all the branded terms. It will be good for you if you get the first rank for these terms. But if your ranking is below it then it needs some optimization.

You have to optimize the three things:

  • File Name
  • Title
  • Alt tag

For increasing the sales, quality traffic, and organic visibility of your online business you should take the help of SEO company India.

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