We know that there are two major types of sudden headaches, namely, headache which strikes suddenly without any previous history and headache that strike suddenly after a prior history. The first kind is called headache occurring suddenly, while the second kind is called headache that strikes after a prior history of headache in a person.

Types of Sudden Headache:

  1. A sudden headache can take several forms. The most common type of sudden headache is termed as a headache that occurs suddenly, in which the first symptom occurs suddenly, usually within 30 minutes of the injury. In such a condition, the person has very little memory, even the simplest details. The intensity of the headache is often associated with a patient’s perception of pain.
  2. Another type of sudden headache is known as a migraine headache, and this is a situation where a patient feels very uncomfortable during the whole day and the pain is not associated with other ailments. This is quite common in people who suffer from general headaches. Sometimes the pain is severe and the patient suffers from headaches frequently. There are different types of migraine headache and they depend upon the specific type of headache that the patient is suffering from.
  3. Brain freeze also comes in the sudden headache category. Some experts say that Brain freeze is also common in pets like cats and dogs. Pet experts explore that dogs getting brain freeze for so many reasons.
  4. If the pain is not associated with any other illness, it is better to consult a doctor for a diagnosis of a sudden headache before it gets too late. This will help in treating the problem in time and it is also possible to cure sudden headaches through natural means if the pain is cured in time and does not become chronic.
  5. People are not advised to take medicines to cure sudden headache, because medicines do not help at all. If a patient takes medicines, he or she may find that the problem will come back with a vengeance soon after the medication is stopped.

Causes of sudden headaches:

  1. While most of the headaches are caused by sudden physical trauma to the head, some also have a history of being associated with mental stress or emotional upset.
  2. The cause of sudden headache is actually quite simple, but it varies from one individual to another. The most common feature in recent history is of a severe, sudden, and unexpected headache.

How to cure a sudden headache?

  • Natural pain killers are usually more effective. Herbal remedies are also available, which can be used to cure sudden headaches. Herbs such as Chamomile, ginger, lemon balm, Echinacea, and chamomile tea are all used to treat this problem.
  • You can also try the following methods to cure a headache: you can drink lots of water to help in relieving the pain, you can avoid getting into situations that are painful, you can try to relax by lying down and taking hot baths
  • You can sleep in an extra comfortable bed and do some exercises, and avoid sleeping on your back, you can also get a massage. If you want to get rid of the headache permanently, you can also use the herbal remedies mentioned above.
  • However, the above-mentioned treatments do not give complete relief and cannot be used for a long period.
  • Good herbal treatment is the one that can help in getting rid of the headache and its associated symptoms.
  • This type of treatment has a lot of benefits because herbal remedies are very safe and do not have any side effects. Most of the patients who have used the herbal treatment have reported that they have been able to overcome their problems very quickly and that the condition is now stable and long-lasting.
  • It is advisable to first try the herbal medicines before going for medicines, and try out the herbal treatment for a longer duration of time. This helps the patient to decide on the type of herbal treatment to use and if it is suitable for them.
  • Other than herbal medicines, it is also important for a person to go for proper relaxation, and this includes taking deep breathes to reduce the tension and stress which can cause a sudden headache.
  • You can also try to avoid stressful situations and stress, as stress can cause the pain to increase in intensity and even lead to an attack. If you cannot relax yourself enough to make use of herbal treatments, then you can visit your doctor for a medication that can help you.


It is also important for the person to follow a good diet plan so that the symptoms caused due to the sudden headache can be reduced to a large extent. One of the causes of sudden headache is dehydration and by increasing the intake of fluids, there is a lot of relief.


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