Technology has gone through tremendous evolution over time and hence has changed our lives significantly. In current times, almost every single person prefers using the latest and top-notch technology. The advanced gadgets have made daily life chores and activities so easy that humans are found to be dependent on them.

The momentous advancement in the technological world has undoubtedly made life more convenient and enjoyable. The standards of living, business routines, and social life all has been changed drastically and have brought comfort.

We are so dependent on these inventions that our lives are wholly paralyzed without these inventions. Many of the technological gadgets mentioned can be ordered using different mobile applications, as mobile apps have turned exciting in 2020.

Time efficiency has been gained, and much more energy is saved. From accessing information from the internet to bring it on a document, from communicating with friends, peers, etc., to buying goods online, no doubt technology has continuously benefited with the users increasing day-after-day. The technology users in 1995 were only 16 million, which reached a significant level of 4,648 million in 2020.s

Top 10 Technologies That Makes Life Easier in Quarantine

Here is a detailed list of ten exciting technological gadgets that can make your quarantine life comfortable and stress-free. 

1. Wireless Charging Pad

wireless pad

Wireless charging pods that have replaced charges with wires have been an exciting invention. Coronavirus pandemic has restricted everybody to home, and people are not being allowed to hang out, meet, and have a social gathering.

People are found passing their most of the time on mobile phones. So, it is an exciting invention that improves the charging process. You don’t have to sit near a socket with your phone plugged in and charging.

You can use your smartphone as long as you are pleased to have a more extended battery because the charging process has been made easy.

2. Online Video Streaming Sites

online video streaming

People are practicing social distancing seeing the foreseeable future, which made it quite clear that entertainment options are more limited. The uncertainty stays ahead and considering that everyone is looking to save money.

But with being isolated at home and not having much to entertain yourself with, the possible idea that comes into consideration is subscribing to streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now, Amazon Prime, etc.

These streaming sites have turned out to be the savior for people with tons of favorite shows in various genres to get you entertained in these hard times.

3.  Popcorn Maker

popcorn maker

Technology has been advanced, and inventions are being made that we don’t have ever imagined. While being home and watching your favorite shows and movies, the best part is to get the environment of being in a cinema or theatre.

Get the nourishment while watching your favorite with salty and caramel popcorns with the compact invention that makes you jocund. This device has an air-popper, microwaveable bag and even oil container.

Get the sweet fluffy popcorn whenever you want and get the feeling of being at the cinema with friends and special ones.

4.  Instant Pod Coffee System

coffe maker

Since the beginning, many businesses, including restaurants and cafes, are being shut down to keep social distancing and public health priority. People who are addicted to coffee and want a cup right after waking up from bed were left in the gloom.

But don’t worry; this pod coffee maker is a next level invention, which gives you the feeling of Starbucks. It has a sleek, space-saving design, and makes a rich-tasting brew with a layer of cream on the top. Just add the ingredients and get the morning energy booster in an instant.

5.  Wireless Headphones

A wireless headphone is an ultimate invention providing ease to the use. There are a few things to do with being home for days and weeks, which also includes listening to music.  This invention has freed you from the worry of having wires in front, giving you a nickname of wireman.

Listen to podcasts, new recipes, organize yourself with motivational speakers, and much more while doing your household chores at the same time.

6.  Beard Trimmer

In this list of technologies, the beard trimmer has also made its place. As all the barbers and salons are closed to avoid physical contact, men would be left helpless if this weren’t invented.

The messy and ugly grown beard now made fine and trimmed according to your need with this beard trimmer, which is sleek and affordable. Give yourself a refreshing look with this invention and feel the transition.

7.  Online Food Delivery Apps

Restaurants are closed for months now, and the pandemic has impacted the restaurant sector. About 5 million jobs have been affected in the restaurant industry by this pandemic.

There has been a silver lining by using digital platforms for your business. However, the turnout and sales aren’t as the previous’ still; the food-delivery applications are working for good.

People got bored eating home-cooked meals, but with e-commerce websites and food delivery apps, you can get your favorite meals or branded stuff while being safe at the same time.

8.  Smart Light Bulb That Control with the Voice

Watching TV shows and movies, reading, and spending time with families are some of the only possible options left. An unbelievable invention that has made the place into this list, which is Voice-Control Bulb.

These smart bulbs can screw into your existing light fixtures; they can easily be controlled through mobile apps, or by using voice instructions on your smartphone using Siri for Apple Users, and Google Home or Amazon Echo for android users.

So thinking of adding this in your home is a great idea. This invention is easy to install and comparatively inexpensive.

9.  A portable Projector

portable projeactor

Cinemas are closed for maintaining social distance. People love this invention because it gives them the feeling of being in a cinema while at home.

This device is keeping people hostage in their rooms. The solid light image, sound quality, portability, easy-to-use, and easy-to-carry features have made it a trending invention.

This portable projector is a next-level device which can easily be controlled with your gadgets like smartphone or laptop using Bluetooth control, or screen mirroring options.

10. Head-Band with built-in Head Phones

It has been found that most people fell asleep while listening to music in bed. You don’t need to worry as this next invention got you covered. This headband with built-in headphones gives you a feeling of warmness. By having this headband at your head, and you can also listen to your favorite music.

This device has specifically designed speakers from which the sound will not disturb the person sleeping next to you. Also, you can wear this band and turn it off with a smart button before sleeping.

This device gives you the independence of listening anything at any volume, and what’s good, it’s that your partner will not get disturbed from it.

Final Thoughts

Coronavirus has been the worst nightmare that a person would never imagine. People are forced to stay at home and maintain social distance as much as possible for the betterment of their families. Being home all the time is like being in prison, but these devices help people out to some extent.

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