“Now what? I’ve have bought myself an expensive smartphone…but I have no idea what to do next!”

If you’re still cringing, because you always wanted to have better control of your phone – there is still some hope, or rather a several apps with a little tweaking let your phone perform exactly the way you want.

Android is well known for its flexibility, and one thing that sets it apart is that it is so natural to tweak and modify. With a little know-how and the right apps, you get a lot more power of customization viz, fiddling around with the widget, comfort of notification, flagship to inexpensive apps, pixel-by-pixel, and even modifying the design of hardware buttons, etc., all the more. Android is developed and supported by Google and is often recognized as a more open platform than Apple as it lets the developers giving them freedom over the current OS, letting them build their versions. These can be downloaded, installed, and then replaced with the stock OS.

Let us check the best 5 Apps that let you have more control over your Android phone.

Now that we’ve got the basics covered let’s check how they can help us ditch the persistent phone configuration and get some variety in the app drawer.

Keyboard apps

All of us know it, but most of us cling to the default keyboard that comes preloaded with our Android device, missing out on the other impressive third-party keyboard apps for Android with all sorts of features, input methods, and distinctive user experiences.

How many of us realize that the keyboard is one of the most essential apps on our phones when it comes to phone customization?

Be it from editing documents to texting your loved ones or as simple as searching for an app on your phone, it plays a vital role than anything else on our device. They offer more than just the usual typing experience, with support for fun themes, customizable layouts, personalized stickers, speed typing, and whatnot. Furthermore, turning us into a prolific communicator.

Want to try a new Keyboard? This one is my favorite.

Launcher and Layout

Not satisfied with the look of your home screen, then simply download an app to change it your way. With a more diverse set of features, you can give your phone a totally unique experience. Launchers are robust, highly customizable, and versatile home screen replacements. The app lets you customize the layout of your Android phones, add app drawer tabs, hidden folders, use gestures for quick navigation, customizing wallpapers, icons, and custom gestures.

Nova launcher is the most favored in this category. There are several other famous launchers like Microsoft Launcher, Poco Launcher, Total Launcher, and many more that can do some amazing things. These apps offer exceptional features to enhance the home screen, and the simplicity makes it a massive success among the users.

best android apps

Widget Maker

Widgets were one of the definite reasons that made Android better than iOS. Widget is the most customizable feature of Android, and these Widget maker apps like Kustom Widget Maker, 1Weather, Tick Tick let us play around with it. The app lets you design customized watches like Digital and Analog clocks, track weather right from your home screen, choose from a variety of beautiful themes, randomly changing images, World clocks, and considerably more.

And no doubt, all you Android Themes and widget fans will enjoy these widget-maker apps for sure.

Security Apps

Many of us are always skeptical of others accessing our private gallery, documents, banking apps, or even social platforms. Though these apps don’t provide us with an out-and-out solution for ultimate security, they protect our phones from intruders with PIN or Pattern password locks. The apps act more of a lock screen on phones for individual apps. With most of your apps having individual locks, leaving your phone unlocked is no more a worry.

Apps like Norton, Perfect Lock, App Lock, Calc Box are the most widely used security apps among the Millennials. The app also renders your device virus-free. Some even have a distinctive feature of capturing images of intruders who attempt to unlock with the wrong password, sending it to your e-mail instinctively. In addition to the above, the app suggests the list of apps be locked.

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When discussing Wallpapers, a counter-question arises: Why is a Wallpaper app required when a simple google search can come up with some unique options?

Well, to answer that, searching for images and downloading them one by one is very time-consuming; instead, we can use the apps that are custom-made for it.

With an excess of good wallpapers like Tapet, Backdrops, Wallpapers HD, and Muzei, Walli is the most popular and recommended of the lot. All these apps have a deep variety, high quality, and fresh collection of refreshing wallpapers. Some even incorporate a distinct feature, allowing us to select the images of our choice, select play, and find our wallpaper shuffle automatically at a regular frequency. In a nutshell, these apps play an essential role in giving our phones fresh and a new look.

Icon Pack

We have always wished to have a refreshing home screen as it is the first thing, we lay our eyes on while using our phone. Last but certainly not least, Icon Pack apps replace the icons on your apps with custom-made alternatives. These apps require a preinstalled launcher to function. They cover every icon that we could think of and adds in widgets and wallpapers. Every icon is made of the highest definition available for Android devices. It brings back life to the usual boring icon apps by adding colors, tidying them up, and giving unique shapes. Pixbit Pixel, CandyCons, DarkMatter, and Delta are some popular Icon Packs, and there are literally thousands more available in the Google Play Store to choose from.

As a bottom line, it doesn’t matter whether you’re an employee, a student, a retiree, an entrepreneur, whatever, every one of you needs phone customization to feel unique and bring your phones back to life.

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