A wide range of tools and Advanced SEO tips can double the traffic to your blog or website. Using these tips you can get a top rank for your page. Focusing on improving the quality of content is an essential tactic to generate more traffic. Various techniques of optimizing content can be used to create relevant content and gain a wider reach.

  1. Optimize Content For Various Platforms

Create content that is relevant and keep it optimized by performing regular audits on it making it mobile-friendly. Most of the users use their smartphones to browse the internet. Making your web content mobile-friendly can double the traffic and conversion rates. You can do this by updating tags, keywords, meta-descriptions, and many SEO techniques for making your content appear in relevant searches.

  1. Build a Responsive Website

Audit the web layout of your website and ensure that it is responsive. This reduces the bounce rates on all platforms. Since, more than 50% of the traffic comes from mobile users, building a responsive website that is mobile-friendly can increase the traffic twice the rate. Use professional developers to build a website that is mobile-friendly instead of using free site builder tools like Wix as they are might not provide effective results.

  1. Rich Internal Linking

Internal linking is the easiest way to get started with generating traffic to your website. It makes it easy for search engines to crawl for content and display relevant results when you have internal links, linked to the other content on your website. Anchor texts make it easier for users to find information easily on your website. It increases page views and page rank. Links on your website are indexed better using this technique.

  1. Use Share Social Media Buttons

It makes it easier for users to share your posts on various social media platforms when you add these buttons on your website. It makes every post and every content shareable. It also increases the rank on search engines generating more traffic from various social media platforms. Your content becomes more shareable and gets a wider reach with lesser bounce rates using these buttons.

  1. Add Schema And Structured Data Markup

Using schema increases the rate of the clicks and gets more traffic. Creating FAQ for your site can display them in the search results in the form of FAQ making it easier for users to find answers to what they are looking for on your website. There are many free and paid online tools that help you create the schema. You can research common questions related to your content and post it to get more page views.

  1. Build Local Audience

Use local SEO techniques to build local audiences. Get the word out about your website in local searches. Create content that is locally shareable. This is one of the most powerful techniques to get footfalls and garner attention easily. Create local links in directories, profiles, etc, and keep the information updated.

  1. Guest Posting

Choose a wide coverage and a broad range of topics to accept guest posts. Give away freebies and beckon more attention towards your website. It is easier to generate content and has more relevant information for users to search for guest posting. You get more views, a newer audience, and backlinks. Create a section where the guest authors can log in and create posts on the related topics. More write-ups can speed up content production and bring quality.

  1. Experiment With Ideas

Come up with ideas and generate content that makes it shareable. You can research topics that users like to read about and create more content. You can choose from using numerous SEO strategies and create content that keeps the users interested. Experimenting with ideas can bring more innovation and make your content stand out.

  1. Keyword Research

Use long-tail keywords using various free keyword research tools available online. They provide insights about the keywords users are searching for with regard to your company or product. You get insights into the words and phrases people use to search for the products and services your business provides. The long tail keywords are more impactful and less competitive. This strategy generates better traffic.

  1. Optimize Images And Media Content

Use images and videos in your blogs. Search for images that suit your blog and are relevant to the content you post. Visual impact brings more page views and lets people stay on your website for a long time. Use captions, alt text, and other SEO elements for images that you use for the content on your website.


Executing these tips can boost the traffic for your website and you can get more views. The content on your website will be easily indexed in search engines giving it a wider reach. Remember to create content regularly and keep old content optimized to get better traffic and conversions.

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